Friday Night Funkin Unblocked Games 66 – Ultimate Guide 2022

Friday Night Funkin at Unblocked Games 66

The Friday Night Funkin is a popular rhythm-based game reminiscent of the classical dance revolution. It is mainly abbreviated as FNF. It was released on the 5th of October 2020 and developed by a team of “Newgrounds” users. These newgrounds are Cameron “ninjamuffin99” Taylor, David “PhantomArcade” Brown, Isaac “Kawai Sprite” Garcia, and evilsk8r.

They made this game for a game jam. You can think of game jam as assort of competition in which the participants, who are usually programmers, have to develop a gem from scratch in the time limit of 24 or 72 hours.

The network administrator of many public networks usually blocks some gaming sites via firewall blockage. Unfortunately, Friday Night Funkin is among these websites, along with many other games. But the good part is there are many online gaming websites, such as Unblocked Games 66 E.Z., that offer a variety of blocked games on their server. You can play and enjoy these games online.

Unblocked Games 66 is a Google site where many other fun and cool games are available for gaming fans. All these games are access able for either by playing online or by downloading. All the games on Unblocked Game 66 are free. The website is also easy to use for people of all ages.

The Friday Night Funkin is also one of those interesting games that you can play at unblocked 66 E.Z. In this guide. You will learn how to download and play the F.N.F. game. I have described the ultimate guide to provide full tips and weeks of this game.

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What Kind of Game is Friday Night Funkin’?

Friday Night Funkin at Unblocked Games 66

The Friday Night Funkin is a musical rhythm game where you compete in freestyle music battles. It is a single-player, free-to-play, open-source game where you can fight with other players. The colorful graphics of this game remind people of the Flash Games. The first Friday Night Funkin mod was characterized in 2020 for different game mechanics like formats, sounds, unique design, cultural significance, and characters.

You can also unlock new characters and music tracks as you play, where you can use your music skills to battle against other characters. Friday Night Funkin has different skill levels ranging from easy to hard. If you are new to the game, you can choose the easy level, and as you continue to become an expert in playing Friday Night Funkin, you can select expert levels.

In Friday Night Funkin, you have to play as a boyfriend in front of different characters like your girlfriend’s Mom and Dad to convince them to let you date your girlfriend by winning several singing and rapping battles.

The latest F.N.F. version is optimized for Chromebook, where you can download Friday Night Funkin on your chromebook. It has seven weeks of having different mods, music, and songs to sing. This version is called KICKSTARTER and is optimized for laptops and mobile devices.

F.N.F. Age Rating

The Friday Night Funkin allows certain age groups to play this game. Children above 13 years old can play this game. But there is no such age verification or restriction while signing up for this game. However, most pro gamers recommend playing this for every age range. So, whether you are a teenager or an adult, you can enjoy Friday Night Funkin’ to take a break from your routine life.

How to Play Friday Night Funkin at Unblocked Games 66?

Friday Night Funkin at Unblocked Games 66

Here is the information on how to play the Friday Night Funkin at Unblocked Games 66 that will help you to enjoy the game.


At the start of each round in the game, there is a health bar at the bottom of the screen which represents the performance of the player. If the player’s performance is good, the boyfriend’s icon will move toward the “health bar.” As the game goes on, the more button options are shown on the game screen. 

If the Boyfriend presses these buttons on time, the Boyfriend’s icon will move over and dominate the “health bar”. And if the boyfriend is losing, the boyfriend’s icon will move away from the health bar. If the player loses, they can either try again or head back to the menu again.

Control of Game

Bringing back Dance Revolution, the concept is pretty much the same. You hit the corresponding colored arrows as they come down on the screen. It would be best if you remember to press it exactly when it overlaps the marker. You can use either WASD or the arrow keys.

Note: whenever you see that colored arrows appear after you press the initial key, immediately hold your game. It is trial time. Once the trial ends, you can continue playing. There are other options, too in the game. You can get a chance for those options by pressing the options menu. – or + key can help you increase or decrease the volume. Pressing the enter key or P key helps you pause the game whenever possible.


Your game score can tell so much about how you play the game. There can be the following comments that represent your game score:

  • Sick!!:

It gives you 350 points. These are the highest points attainable in the game. It will create a splash effect if you get this score. To get this score, you can press the key when the arrow reaches the center of the marker.

  • Good!:

It gives you 200 points. It is the second-highest score attainable in the game. You will get this score if you press the key when the arrow is slightly above/below the center of the marker.

  • Bad:

This score gives you 100 points. You get this score if you press the key slightly late when it is to be pressed.

  • Shit:

It is the score when you play really bad. You will get this score if you press the key late or after the arrow has already reached the marker.

  • Miss:

It is the lowest score you can get in the game. Your goal missing frequency means you get 0 or -10 points. You don’t get points if you don’t press the key after an arrow passes the marker. If you press the key too early or late, you get -10 points (Yes, it can take your points away, too.

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Weeks of Friday Night Funkin Game

Weeks are the levels in the Friday Night Funkin. Nowadays, there are seven weeks in this game each of the weeks has different antagonists and backgrounds. Here is the description of the weeks.

Week 1: “Daddy Dearest”.

The antagonist for this week is the Daddy Dearest. You have to battle at This Stage. Speedo, Fresh, and Dadbattle are the tracks you will be playing this week. At the end of this level, Daddy Dearest will decide if the player is worthy of dating his daughter.

Week 2: “Spooky Month.”

It is Halloween, and the antagonists for this week are the Skid, Pump, and Monster (That’s right, three antagonists!). The player has invited his girlfriend’s family to his house to celebrate Halloween together, and that’s where they challenge you to the competition. You’ll be battling it out at The Spooky House with tracks Spookez, South, and Monster.

Week 3: “Pico”.

The antagonist for this week is Pico, who is a contract killer hired by Daddy Dearest. You’ll be battling at the Newgrounds Office Building with the tracks Pico, Philly, and Blamed.

Week 4: “Mommy Must Murder”.

The antagonist for this week is the popstar mother of his girlfriend. You’ll be battling at a moving Limousine with the tracks Satin Panties, High, and M.I.L.F.

Week 5: “Red Snow”.

It is Christmas time, and the player is enjoying some free time with his girlfriend in a shopping mall. The mother and father of his girlfriend take the Santa Hostage in exchange for a rap battle with the player. Later, Monster also joins the battle.

So, the antagonists for this week are three. i.e.; Daddy Dearest, Mommy Nearest, and Monster. You’ll be battling it out at The Mall in front of the whole crowd on the songs Winter Horrorland, Cocoa, and Eggnog.

Week 6: “Hating Simulator”.

 The antagonists for this week are the Spirit and Senpai. You will battle it out at The School. Tracks you’ll be battling it to are Senpai, Roses, and Thorns.

Week 7: “Tankman.”

It is currently the final week of the game. The antagonist for this week is Tankman. You’ll be battling it out at the Restricted Military Zone and to Ugh, Guns, and Stress tracks.

Where can I download Friday Night Funkin?

Importantly, the F.N.F. is not a heavy game that requires special space in your device. There are many more ways to download this game and enjoy playing this game. When it comes to playing unblocked Friday Night Funkin, many websites provide opportunities to play blocked games online without downloading.

Such websites are called unblocked game sites. Unblocked Game 66 is one among these sites from where you can download Friday Night Funkin. You can play this game on your PCs, Smart Devices, and Laptops. You can download F.N.F. for Windows, mac, android, and iOS using this link.

The above websites that are listed offer unblocked access to F.N.F. You can enjoy this game from your school or college classroom and break up the blocked gaming experience. You can also download this game on chrome Windows and play.

Why Does Friday Night Funkin Keep Crashing?

It is often noticed that most of the users have game crash issues while playing the game on different stages and tracks of this game. You get these game-crashing errors while playing, especially in weeks 2,3 and up. The most obvious reason for it is the open-source game. Many developers have made changes to F.N.F. coding for custom needs. Therefore, this game is available on various platforms other than the official website.

Another reason for crashing is an older version. You can fix this issue by downloading and installing the updated version. But don’t worry about it; this is not a serious issue and can be solved. Here is the little YouTube video from Xynose. You can follow these tactics from crashing your F.N.F.


Friday Night Funkin vs Cassandra Mod?

The F.N.F. vs Cassandra mod is the mode where you, as a boyfriend, rhythm battle against the red-haired goth named Cassandra. The story behind this is that. The evil rival to Pico has a brand new look after the events of Pico’s past. She is going after the rapper for dating her sister. She tried to convince her Boyfriend that she was not good to date. Will you save your partner? The red-headed goth has a perspective.

Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sky Mod?

It’s time to get into the beat with another F.N.F. mod! There are three new songs in Friday Night Funkin’ vs Sky full week. Put your skills to the test in Wife-Forever, Sky, and Manifest.
Sky mod is the full week where you rhythm battle with three different songs and complete this milestone for the next mode or stage. Rule the stage for the whole week, make the sky disappear, and let them know who is the real king.

Friday Night Funkin vs Hex Mod?

The Hex mod is a little tricky and difficult to pass in this Hex mod, where you play as a basketball robot player and sing songs. In this full week, F.N.F. vs Hex mod, you will continue your journey of winning your girlfriend’s heart via singing the song and playing basketball without any opponent in this mod. The story behind this mod is to get a girlfriend by becoming the best rapper in the world who can play basketball while singing.

Friday Night Funkin vs Whitty Mod?

The F.N.F. vs Whitty mod is amazing. Hard-to-crash mode called F.N.F. vs Whitty mod, where the new opponent is waiting for you for the full week with three new songs, lo-fight, overhead, and ballistic.
In this week of whitty mod, you will have to convince your girlfriend’s Dad and continue the journey of winning your girlfriend’s heart. Now you have two options. You can read a story before you start playing. From the menu, you can choose between two options: story mode or free play. In F.N.F. vs Whitty mod, you will have to select what mode you want to play: easy, normal, or hard.

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