HuniePop 2 Double Date Game Reviews (2023).

HuniePop 2

HuniePop 2 Double Date is a famous game among adult males in the world. It is considered an adult game developed and published by HuniePot. HuniePop 2 is the direct sequel to HuniePop. The game is almost the same, just like the previous version.

By the end of the period, two cosmic creatures will awaken from their slumber. You must arouse them and impress them sexually before that happens. To make a volcano erupt, you need fairy wings, which can only be earned by having three ways.

Different levels of HuniePop 2

After choosing different things such as difficulty level and player gender, you can play having an innie or outie player. The game is full of beautiful and lusty ladies. While playing the game and getting to know these girls, you can also buy snacks and gifts for them. On the other side, you can also go on individual dates. In this game, the players can interact with two girls simultaneously, mainly doing the same thing.

Raising the passion of the girls for the game. 

When you talk to a girl, you can also buy them gifts, food, and other games accessories. This will develop passion in them and other emotions. Along with the emotions, it also develops other moves or stamina. The exciting thing about this game is that you can also focus on two girls instead of one when you go on a date.

This is one of the reasons boys like to play HuniePop 2 more interestingly. In the game, the two girls remain enthusiastic and in a good mood even when the player is spending time with the two.

The happy ending of the story at every level

Now, you have done a successful double date. The girls you have will not only come closer to you but also each other. They will also show attraction towards each other. Now, these girls are also ready for the other nasty date, at which point the match-three games will go from turn-based to stamina-based.

In the same way, you can keep up the matches quickly, and after that, you will be able to get a happy ending. In the game, every girl has four others on the island with which they are compatible. With every passing level, these girls come onto your bed, and you will gain enough experience to take on the space.

Features of HuniePop 2

In the game, there are old friends as well as fresh friends. Twelve characters are available in the game, each with their personalities, problems, and preferences.

  • In the game, double dates are available, which encourages you to split your time and attention between two girls. Both girls come up with new stamina systems.
  • There is also a Sim and Puzzle portion of the game that increases the connection between you and the girls.
  • In the game, a beautiful soundtrack plays that also gives you a soothing effect. The soundtracks may be a mixture of the Caribbean and American classical soundtracks.
  • There are also many lines of fully voice-acted dialogue with different interactions between compatible pairs of girls.
  • Whenever you reach the next level, you can unlock different beautiful outfits of girls with different hairstyles. You can also unlock beautiful, sexy scenes during your date at the top of the mountain.
  • You can also give plenty of new dates to the girls with a wide variety of stunning effects.
  • When you start progressing in HuniePop 2, a brand new baggage system introduces new challenges and twists in the game.
  • Most surprisingly, you can also explore the exotic island of Inna De Poona, with more than 20 tourist tropical locations to enjoy.

New features of HuniePop 2

  • The game involved threesomes or double dates, as the name also shows.
  • While playing the game, when a person is on a date, he should switch between each girl. Moreover, he also has to fill both the shared affection meter to complete the date.
  • When you have to switch between the girls, you can use the right-click.
  • However, on the other side, the girl also has her stamina and sentiment meter, and here the move remains universal.
  • In the first game, you could only build up the sentiment before going on a date, but now you can also build up the passion. It is done when you purchase some food items from the shop.
  • During the game, the girls’ pairings are fixed, and they can be obtained after two days with the pairing.
  • When you enter a date that ends with a CG, the CG will have to show the outfits; otherwise, it selects the outfit from the location.
  • While playing the game, new stamina is added, limiting the player’s move towards each girl. On the other side, when the girl runs out, the player must focus on the other girl.
  • However, the player can regain stamina with every move of the other girl. He can also gain stamina by matching the new stamina tokens.
  • Make sure that different baggage also affects the stamina lost and gained on dates.
  • As a replacement for Munie and Hunie, the fruit seeds are also added after the completion of the date.
  • Most surprisingly, when you have fruit seeds, you can easily buy smoothies from the store. Your level also goes up when you give this smoothly to a girl. Keep in mind that there are five levels for each trait.
  • Another unique gift in this game is shoes, which increase the amount of fruit you would get after completing each date. 
  • You will be surprised to know that every girl has four unique pairs of shoes.
  • This pair of shoes gives the style level, and for shoes, there are nine levels in total.
  • As a player, when you give unique gifts to your girl, it increases the maximum level of passion. Hair there are nine levels of passion in total.
  • Along with all these things, baggage also has a constant effect on every girl. It becomes unlocked when you play the game. When the baggage is unlocked, it gives you a permanent effect.
  • Keep in mind that the dates gives which you give to the girls are split up between each girl. 
  • You will also get one pair of wings after the completion of the dates.
  • On the other side, you can also ask questions from your girls, mostly what are their favorite gifts. There are 20 different things you can ask them.
  • However, keep this thing in mind that while questioning, some girls give you the same interest level. If they show this thing, then you can ask the question one by one. However, the other girl will also answer where you have to give an additional route of their type.
  • In addition, game content is also available after defeating the Nymphojinn. 
  • It is to note that in post-game, different contents are available, such as non-stop dates, additional outfits, and an Alpha mode that can be unlocked by purchasing them with fruit.


How can we uncensor a censored version of the HuniePop 2?

When you want to download the game, then download the external uncensored patch file below. Upon copying the file to the computer, place it in the same location as the executable game file. This will automatically apply the patch the next time you run the game.

How can we play HuniePop 2 more easily?

The best thing to play the game more easily is to go for passion matches as early as possible. This will create an affection you get from these matches. After that, go for as many turn matches as you can to maximize how long you can go. Don’t go for matching stamina because there is a danger of losing your game.

How can we increase stats in HuniePop 2?

It would help if you increased your affection for proceeding in the game. It would help if you increased your affection stats. So it would help if you leveled the associated affection stats.
So when you level up the affection stats, you will get more action from the other side, especially on dates. For leveling up, you can feed some random smoothies to girls. It can be six smoothies or three smoothies to gain a new level.

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From the above discussion, we have concluded that HoneyPop 2 is considered the best game. As it is an adult game, it will give you the ultimate experience. You can change your mood by playing adult games if you are an adult and interested in them.

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