How Technology Can Help Separated Moms and Dads Co-Parent More Effectively


When it comes to raising kids successfully, there are fewer experiences that are more challenging than raising a child or children with an ex-partner.Known as co-parenting, this process can be a challenging and emotionally taxing experience for many families which, if not handled correctly, can lead to arguments and alienation.As you can guess, the task of raising children while living apart requires clear communication, trust, and commitment from both parents, which can be tricky if the relationship breaks down on unfavorable terms.

Luckily, technology has revolutionized how people communicate, and it has become an essential tool for co-parents to minimize contact with each other (when there is too much tension) and provide each other with essential information about the children that they have together.By using technology, co-parents can establish better communication, maintain a consistent schedule, and manage expenses.So, if you are a co-parent and are looking for ways to manage this situation better, read on. In this article, how technology can help with co-parenting will be explored, so you can pick up some valuable tips to help you make your life and your child’s lives easier. Enjoy!


Remember earlier when it was mentioned that it might be hard to see your ex without becoming upset due to how the relationship ended?Well, one way technology can bypass that is with messaging via text message or via other platforms on smartphones like WhatsApp.This is an easy way for you and your ex-partner to communicate about when kids are being picked up, to share information about your kids’ health, and to tell your ex if your child has been misbehaving.

Indeed, messaging is a straightforward communication that showcases no emotion and does not involve seeing each other, making it a preferred option for many co-parents.Also, while it may be hard to think about if a conflict arises during the co-parenting due to a miscommunication, you will have your side of the story in writing. For tips on managing conflict with a co-parent calmly, head to for advice.


Have you and your ex been in rows because on the Friday that you had the kids, they were meant to go to their karate class, but you thought that was on a Wednesday?

It’s a common issue that can be resolved and mitigated with technology.

Indeed, on smartphones, there are apps like Family Wizard or Talking Parents that can help you to communicate your child’s schedule to your ex. If you want something a bit easier, there is also the option of Google calendar.

This way, you can both be on the same page regarding scheduling and appointments, so your kids will get where they need to go, and no one will get angry.


This next part is why so many parents end up in arguments; who pays for what relating to the children that they have together?

As part of your divorce or separation, you will likely have a plan relating to how much one of you pays the other for the kids’ maintenance. This is often an area of tension for parents, as the parent that is caring for the children most of the time may feel that they are not getting a lot of financial support from their former spouse or may accuse them of not paying.

Of course, via bank statements that are available through online banking, you can double-check when money meant for child support was sent and received. As well as this, if your ex does not get paid for a few weeks and you need to buy school uniforms, you can keep track of expenses on a shareable spreadsheet, which can be sent for reimbursement purposes.

Video Apps

OK, there may come a time when you or your former spouse are away on business or holiday, and you receive a text or other message stating that your child has behaved badly at school, or that they are missing you, etc.

This is where video apps come in handy. An app like Skype will allow you to talk to your child to get their side of events or to reassure them that you will be back soon. It can also be used to check in when you are away, helping you co-parent and give your ex-partner a break. It can also be a good idea for co-parenting in general when you are away, as it will keep you in contact with your kids and prevent them from feeling neglected.

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