Is Haley Grace Phillips Dead? You Need To Know Everything.

Is Haley Grace Phillips Dead

Haley Grace Phillips is a beautiful young lady who lives in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a very famous and big city in the United States Of California. She is actually living with her two kids and boyfriend. 

Recently, she went viral when she was mistakenly kidnapped for another missing lady, Cassie Campton. When Haley’s family members commented on her Facebook page that Haley was missing at that time, they thought that someone might have kidnapped her. 

After that, people discovered that, for some reason, her family would not be able to connect with her. So they might have thought that she was missing, but the bad thing is that they never filed the missing person report.

With time, they were able to contact Haley, and she also looked fine. After some time, a TikTok video was seen in which her eyes looked bruised. Also, two men were standing behind her, from which one was laughing. 

Through this video, her parents and other people thought that kidnappers might have kidnapped her for some time.

Who is Haley Grace Phillips?

Who is Haley Grace Phillips

Haley Grace is a young lady living in Los Angeles, California. She went viral after she was kidnapped, but she was mistakenly kidnapped for the missing girl, Cassie Campton.

You will be surprised to know that she has more than 11000 Instagram followers. 

Her follower count was ultimately increased after her kidnap. She was recently confused with Cassie Campton, who has been missing since last summer. Although Haley Grace was reported missing, on her Instagram account, a video appeared that showed that Haley was ok.

Is Haley Grace Phillips dead? Who is Haley Grace Phillips?

Actually, Haley Grace was not dead and this thing was revealed when she uploaded a video on Instagram that she was ok and was not Cassie.

Why do people think that Haley Grace is missing?

Why do people think that Haley Grace is missing

People on the internet thought that Haley, like Cassie, was also kidnapped. They said that they knew this thing after her family member commented on Haley’s Facebook page.

The comment on her page was, “She has been missing for a few days.” Also, in another TikTok video, it was revealed that the girl in the video was Haley Grace Phillips, not Cassie Campton. 

How was Haley Grace robbed?

Haley Grace Phillips discussed that hoodlums kidnapped her, and they also bruised her eyes. But this was insane that her eyes were bruised. Her family and other connected people were so much confused and worried about her. But the good thing is that she recovered afterward.

Other people also questioned her why she was robbed. She said that in the start, she was shocked that the robbers had not stolen her phone. And she was also successful in retaining her phone.

From her phone, she accessed her Instagram account and recorded a video in which she confirmed that she was safe. She also said that she does not have any idea about who Cassie Campton is. She was so much disturbed by her kidnapping that she referred to Cassie as a bitch.

Many people were disappointed because she used such a vulgar word for her.

After that, Haley also apologized for using this word and said that she outspoken that word in tension. 

She also said that she had no idea who Cassie Compton was. She was in full stress and was thinking about why the FBI was looking for her as a missing person.

All these things made her speak without checking her words.

Who is Cassie Campton?

She was only 15 years old when she was kidnapped. She is from Arkansas, and she was kidnapped on 14 September 2014. Her family saw her at 7:00 p.m. But after 7:00 p.m., she missed. Keep this thing in mind: she was born on April 12, 1998. 

According to different resources, her weight is 100 LBS, and her height is 5 feet 3 inches. She had a scar on her left cheek and also had a sideways heart on her upper left arm.

Her four siblings live in Kingston, Oklahoma, but she loves her brother a lot. 

She is a beautiful lady with blue eyes and apparently has dyed blond hair. When she was kidnapped, she went to the store and was wearing a Blues spaghetti strap top with blue and white shorts. She was also wearing blue and grey cowgirl boots. This was the last time when they saw her daughter.

She was completing her education from her home and was working towards her general education development test. Unfortunately, she had bipolar disorder at age 13. This is the main reason doctors recommend antidepressants. 

However, she was not fond of taking her medicine. She did not eat those medicines and constantly threw them in the toilet. She also went to the doctor a few days ago before her kidnapping.

Parents of Cassie Campton

Cassie Campton’s mom’s name is Judy Campton, who was born in 1972. She was a registered sex offender, but we do not know the reason for her disability. She lives in Oklahoma and was married to Roy Campton. 

Her father is also a registered sex offender. In 2012, her mother got engaged to Brandon Lee Rhodes. That person was 32 years old at that time. Brandon Lee Rhodes was born in 1989, and unfortunately, he did not have a job. 

On the other hand, he did not have a car or a driver’s license. However, on the other hand, he only had a bike on which he rode alone. Campton also reported that she has a blue Chevy Impala car, and Brandon would usually drive her car when she used to sleep. 

The reason is that he did not have a driving license. According to different resources, Brendon Rhodes took his bike to the police station at the time of Cassie Campton’s kidnapping. 

She said to the police that he was unable to find Cassie and wanted the police to write her report. But the police requested him to wait for at least 72 hours before he could write her missing. 

The law enforcement agency normally thought that she might be a runaway child, but actually, this is not the case; she was kidnapped. The mother of Cassie Campton ended her relationship with Brendon as he always wanted to control Judy. 

Unfortunately, Brendon and Judy have not had good relations since then. She married another man. The reason is that Brandon often goes to jail for many reasons, such as theft, possession of firearms, drug charges, and driving while being suspended. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Haley Grace Phillips?

She is a young girl who lives in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, she was kidnapped mistakenly instead of Cassie Campton. Cassie was from Arkansas and was a teenager at that time, probably in 2014. People thought that Haley was dead, but fortunately, she was alive, and she confirmed this after uploading a video on Instagram with bruising eyes.

Is Hailey Phillips dead?

According to different resources, it was fake news that she was missing. 

Why did everyone think that Haley Grace Phillips went missing?

First of all, a relative of Haley posted a comment on her Facebook page. After that, her family also revealed that she was missing for a few days. After that, the news went viral involving a TikTok video. Yes, a video was viral on TikTok where many people believed that it might be Cassie. But actually, she was Hailey and not Cassie, who was kidnapped before. 

Who is Cassie Campton?

Cassie Campton, who everyone was thinking that she might be Hailey. She was a teenager who was kidnapped on 14th September 2014. Unfortunately, she was suffering from bipolar disorder when she was only 13 years old. You will be surprised to know that her disappearance remained a mystery to date


Haley Grace Phillips was mistakenly kidnapped for Cassie Campton. Fortunately, she recovered after her video became viral. Talking about Cassie Campton, whether she might be reunited with her family. We do not have any information on whether Cassie Campton is alive or dead. We are hoping that Cassie will be recovered someday as the cops tried a lot to find her.

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