Multi-Accounting and Social Media – Making It Possible

Multi-Accounting and Social Media

Managing multiple accounts on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok has become critical for businesses and digital marketers. There can be several different reasons why a business might need to be able to create and manage many different accounts. Yet, platforms like TikTok and Instagram can make it challenging to do. IP and action bans frequently occur when you try to create too many accounts on a single platform. So how do you do this without these restrictions?

In this article, we’ll look at some of the challenges of multi-accounting and the solutions to these problems. We’ll discuss how a reliable proxy from a provider like Smartproxy can help you get your multi-accounting efforts into gear without the fear of bans.

Challenges With Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

Managing multiple accounts, or multi-accounting, can be a real struggle on certain social media platforms. TikTok and Instagram are well known for issuing many different penalties and blocks when they feel you’ve created too many accounts. Not only that, but the account restrictions on these platforms are also minimal. Let’s look at some penalties you could face when creating too many accounts on a single platform.

Suspended Accounts

Social media platforms will suspend your account if you violate their community guidelines. You can violate these guidelines in several ways, and creating too many accounts, which can be viewed as a spamming attempt, is just one of them. Usually, if your account is suspended, it’s only temporary and should be reinstated within a few days. However, if your account gets banned repeatedly, it might become permanent.

Action Blocks

An action block is another popular penalty that social media accounts issue. These penalties occur when you use too many of the same actions within a specific period, such as bulk liking many different accounts. The platform might suspect using automation tools when this occurs and will issue the block to protect the community. Here are a few of the action blocks you might encounter:

  • Temporary action block (usually 24 hours)
  • Action block with an expiration date (usually between 24 hours and 30 days)
  • Action block without an expiration date (usually a few hours or up to two weeks)
  • Permanent action block

IP Bans

IP bans are one of the penalties faced by most businesses and digital marketers when they use multi-accounting strategies. This ban occurs when you create too many accounts from the same IP address on the same platform. Social media platforms manage all the IP addresses associated with accounts and have a limitation on the number of accounts that can be created or managed from the same IP. This restriction is in place to prevent a single user from creating multiple fake accounts to spam the platform.

Why Do You Need Multiple Accounts?

Businesses often use multiple accounts for various pages to present different departments or aspects of their business. For example, if you run a department store, you might want to create a separate account for women’s clothing, men’s clothing, household items, groceries, etc. This will enable you to target the ideal audience better, giving your marketing efforts better results.

Digital marketers who manage social media accounts on behalf of other businesses often have dozens of accounts in their care. As such, they need a way to create and manage more than a handful of accounts for different businesses, often from different locations. This is challenging if you’re hit with an IP ban or action block, which renders the account useless until reinstated.

Solution To Managing Multiple Accounts

Using a proxy is the easiest way to manage multiple accounts without getting banned. A proxy will provide you with a pool of IPs so you can simply use a new one when creating or managing a new account. Let’s take a look at some of the best proxy options for multi-accounting.

Residential Proxy

Residential proxies are one of the best to use because the IPs they assign are linked to real devices. This means an ISP has issued the IPs of these devices and make the user look like a real person and not a bot. You can even go further and look into residential social media proxies that have been specifically developed for the purpose of multi-accounting.

Rotating Proxy

A rotating proxy is another great option when managing multiple accounts. These are still residential proxies but come with the added ability that they automatically rotate your proxy with each new request or at specific time intervals. The benefit of using this type of proxy is that you don’t have to worry about manual proxy management.

Mobile Proxy

Mobile proxies are a popular option for managing multiple social media accounts, especially if you do so from your smartphone. Since most of these platforms work best on a mobile device, these proxies are ideal for managing all of your accounts from a single device.

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Final Thoughts

Multi-accounting can be a real challenge due to the account restrictions placed on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. However, if you use a proxy and implement the best social media marketing practices, you can manage as many accounts as you need without fearing IP bans or action blocks.

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