Off-Road Accessories: Must Haves For Off-Road Excursions

Off-Road Accessories

Setting yourself up for off-roading means more than just getting the performance parts you need to have the power and suspension support off-roading requires. It also means setting yourself up for comfort and protecting your adventures. Here are a few must-have accessories that will make life easier on the trail.

Recovery Gear

You need to be able to problem-solve when you get stuck in the field, and that’s why it’s so common to see winches, hoists, or combination machines on Jeeps and off-road trucks. The choice between winch and hoist is just one part of the equation there, though. You also need the cables to be able to do the pulling, as well as hand tools and gear like work gloves to be sure you are ready to tackle the challenges that arise.

Spend time putting together a recovery kit that includes anything you’d need, from towels and work gloves to saws that can help you remove fallen branches. Remember to invest in the winch and cables, though.

Terrain Tires

The right tires for your choice of terrain can also be crucial. If you aren’t sure what conditions will be like, and all-terrain tire choice works in most places. To really dig deep in the mud or get top speed across sand, though, you need the right tire. Consider terrain-specific options for snow and ice, too. The best practice for most off-roaders tends toward an AT tire for daily driving and basic trail runs, and separate wheel and tire packages for terrain-specific off road tires that can be installed as needed for runs that require them.

Armor for Your Vehicle

Protecting your ride is also important when you hit the trail, especially if you don’t know what to expect. An odd branch can do a lot of damage to the wrong component, so that is why many drivers invest heavily in brush guards, light covers, and other essentials. When making these upgrades, remember to include less visible safety upgrades like bump stops to make your bumper more effective, too.

Document Your Adventure

It might not be as essential as the right rims and tires for the day’s terrain, but a good dash camera setup is becoming more and more popular with drivers. Not only does it let you preserve the memories of the ride, it also gives you the chance to digitally edit your best moments from each run together to share on social media or show family and friends. That way, even when they can’t make the run, they can still see the important parts. Your camera setup will look different after any major changes like wheel and tire size swaps or a new lift kit, so remember to adjust it accordingly.

Build Your Dream Ride

Once you have the basics figured out, the next step is true customization. Set yourself up with new light bars for the trail, visual upgrades, or even camping gear that makes use of your vehicle’s existing features. The rest of your off-road upgrade path is yours to explore as you find new adventures.

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