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Read Oshi No Ko Manga

Let’s check out the interesting comic book Oshi no Ko (“My Favorite Idol” or “Their Idol’s Children”), made by Aka Akasaka and drawn by Mengo Yokoyari. This story has been catching the attention of readers since it began in a magazine called Weekly Young Jump by Shueisha in April 2020.

This story is about a doctor and a patient who passed away and are reborn as twins to a famous Japanese pop idol. They go through the ups and downs of the entertainment world, dealing with fame, figuring out who they are, and building strong connections in the limelight.

Come along with us as we dig deeper into the amazing world of this comic, discovering the special feeling it gives to its readers and the way it has become popular all around the world.

Synopsis of Oshi No Ko Manga

Synopsis of Oshi No Ko Manga

At the beginning of the Oshi no Ko story, there is a skilled doctor named Gorou Amamiya. He helps a famous singer, Ai Hoshino, in secret while she is having a baby. Unfortunately, a fan’s obsession with Ai leads to a very sad event – the doctor’s untimely death.

But something interesting happens after this tragedy. Gorou gets a new chance at life, being reborn as Aqua Hoshino, Ai’s son. Aqua has a twin sister named Ruby Hoshino. The story takes us on a journey into their lives as they face challenges in the entertainment world and try to uncover the secrets behind Ai’s unexpected death.

Fast forward twelve years, and now Aqua and Ruby are being taken care of by the people who own Ai’s talent agency. They find themselves caught up in a lot of hidden information, trying to figure out what is right.

The story smoothly guides us through the challenges of living two lives connected to the mysterious events surrounding Ai’s death. As Aqua and Ruby become famous, the manga skillfully shows the difficulties they face, mixing the excitement of being famous with the shadows of the past.

Adopted into a new family, Aqua and Ruby go through friendships and betrayals, making it tricky to understand what loyalty means and what self-discovery is. The story explores who they are, what is right, and the complexities of an industry filled with dreams and challenges.

In easy words, Oshi no Ko promises readers a heartfelt adventure where dreams mix with the strong human spirit. The manga tells us to understand things like who we are, what is fair, and how dreams and fresh starts work in the exciting entertainment world.

Main Characters of Oshi No Ko Manga

Main Characters of Oshi No Ko Manga

Let us talk about the key characters of this manga:

Aqua Hoshino

Aqua is a kind and determined young man who has big dreams of becoming an idol, just like his mom. His strong determination helps him face challenges in the entertainment world as he tries to make a name for himself.

Ruby Hoshino

Ruby, Aqua’s twin sister, starts off a bit unsure about joining the entertainment world. However, she goes through a change and eventually embraces her talent. Ruby adds depth to the story as she deals with fame and discovers more about herself.

Gorou Amamiya

Gorou has a unique role as he is reborn as Aqua and Ruby’s twin brother after his death. He provides guidance and shares challenges, giving a different perspective on the family dynamics within the entertainment industry.

Ai Hoshino

Ai, the famous idol and mother of Aqua and Ruby, has a mysterious death that becomes a central part of the story. Even after her death, her influence shapes the journeys of the twins as they try to uncover the secrets surrounding her passing.

In Oshi no Ko, you will meet many characters, and each of them has their own goals and reasons for doing things. Some people guide and teach, called mentors, and others compete, known as rivals. All these different characters make the story more captivating and show us various perspectives on how the entertainment world works.

Oshi No Ko Anime Manga’s Success on TV

Oshi No Ko Anime Manga’s Success on TV

Oshi no Ko did not just stay in the manga pages. They decided to turn it into an animated TV show! This exciting news came from Doga Kobo, the one making the animation. The first season, with 11 episodes, came out between April and June 2023 and got lots of people talking. 

It mixed glitz and shadows from the entertainment world, and everyone loved it. The good news? They are making a second season, set to show up in 2024. Now, Oshi no Ko is not just for Japan. It went global! 

Sentai Filmworks got the rights to make an English version, and it first aired on Hidive in May 2023. The anime did not just do well in how many people watched it. The song “Idol” by Yoasobi, used in the anime, got super popular worldwide.

The cool thing is that this success is not just in Japan. People from all over liked it. The anime’s good reviews and the excitement for the next season show that Oshi no Ko is not just a hit at home but is making waves worldwide.

How Oshi No Ko Started?

How Oshi No Ko Started

Aka Akasaka, the person who made Oshi no Ko, began a special way of telling a story. The idea for the manga came from thinking about being born again as an idol’s child, a topic often joked about in Japan. But Akasaka thought deeply about this idea, looking into the deep and secret parts of the entertainment world that are hidden behind all the fame and glamour.

Connected to Real Life

The base of Oshi no Ko goes back to Akasaka’s own experiences and a close look at the changing entertainment world. The deep themes in the manga show Akasaka’s careful research and honest talks with different people in the entertainment business. This genuine approach shows the difficulties and sacrifices that are part of the industry, giving readers a real look behind the scenes.

Bringing Words to Life

When telling stories with pictures, having words and artwork together is super important. Akasaka and the talented artist Mengo Yokoyari worked really well together. Yokoyari is known for exploring the entertainment world in her art. This creative teamwork made Oshi no Ko special. Yokoyari’s drawings fit perfectly with Akasaka’s storytelling. 

From Manga to Anime and Beyond

Oshi no Ko does not stop with just manga; it has a bigger journey with thirteen tankobon volumes out by November 2023. People worldwide know about it since it is in English, too, thanks to Yen Press and Shueisha’s Manga Plus.

The anime did really well, so now there is an English version, and they are making a second season. Plus, there is a spin-off novel called Oshi no Ko: Ichibanoshi no Spica, adding even more to the story. This way of doing things, with manga, anime, and novels, shows that Oshi no Ko is liked by a lot of different people in different ways.

Oshi No Ko’s Awards and Popularity Journey

Oshi no Ko manga is not just a big success in terms of sales with over 15 million copies by November 2023. It is also a big hit with awards and recognition. This amazing story is not just about the number of books sold. 

It won important awards like the Manga Taisho and the Next Manga Award. These awards show that Oshi no Ko is not just popular; it is also really well-loved. Oshi no Ko’s success is more than just how many people have its books. 

As manga keeps making people happy, it is getting more and more famous for being a great manga. The awards and praise it gets are a big part of why Oshi no Ko is becoming one of the best manga stories around.

Where to Read the Oshi No Ko Manga Online?

For those looking to read Oshi no Ko for free, Manga Plus is the place to go. While it is accessible on the website, to enjoy free access to all the chapters, you will need to download the mobile application.

Furthermore, you can buy the manga from various retailers, including Amazon, Books-A-Million, Kinokuniya, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, and Right Stuf Anime, providing readers with multiple options to obtain their copy.

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Oshi no Ko has become a much-loved manga and anime series that people all over the world enjoy. The story of Aqua and Ruby, who are born into the world of fame and face the challenges of the entertainment industry, connects with many. 

Moving from manga to anime, Oshi no Ko’s popularity has grown, and people appreciate its mix of glitz and deeper themes. Winning awards like the Manga Taisho and Next Manga Award shows that it is not just liked but also recognised for its quality storytelling.

With a new anime season, a spin-off novel, and fans worldwide, Oshi no Ko is more than just a manga; it is a cultural hit. It tells a touching story about dreams, identity, and the complex world of entertainment, proving the impact of a well-crafted story that goes beyond just words on pages.

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