Semantic Error Chapter 79 – Complete History 2024

Semantic Error Chapter 79

Good news for all Korean drama and manhwa fans! This article is for you if you like the famous manhwa Semantic Error. If you want to save time and know its story, keep reading this article.

Semantic Error revolves around two college guys, Sangwoo Choo and Jaeyoung Jang. They develop a rivalry due to a group project in college. This leads to Jaeyoung seeking revenge on Sangwoo. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing the synopsis and chapter 79 of this exciting story. So stay tuned to discover more.

What is Semantic Error?

A semantic error is a programming error that causes the program not to work correctly. For example, you tell the program to get you an apple, but it gets you a banana instead. It is because the program didn’t understand the meaning of apple. 

A semantic error in real life could be miscommunication, following incorrect directions, misunderstanding, or misinterpreting.

Semantic Error as a TV Series and Manhwa

Semantic Error is a romantic comedy-drama that originated in South Korea. It was first released on February 16, 2022. It was written by Jason and directed by Kim Soo-jung. The actors playing the two main guys are Park Seo-ham and Park Jae-chan. This drama has eight episodes and is based on a manhwa with the same name.

 The manhwa has three seasons with a total of 93 episodes. It is written by J. Soori and illustrated by Angy Kim. It was created and distributed in 2018 by Ridibooks.  

Synopsis of the Story “Semantic Error”

The story of Semantic Error is about two college boys who develop feelings for each other despite many differences. The story starts with the guys, Choo Sang-woo and Jang Jae-young, being told to work on a group project together. 

Sang-woo is a computer science student who lives his life based on a set of rules and works like a robot. On the other hand, Jae-young is an arts and design student and a senior of Sang-woo. Unlike Sang-woo, Jae-young is very popular in college as he is an energetic extrovert with a cheerful personality. 

They were forced to work on a group project with very lazy members. Sang-woo takes the entire project credit, which prevents Jae-young from graduating college. Despite the talents and popularity of Jae-young, Sang-woo becomes a significant problem for him. So, Jae-young decides to avenge Sang-woo.

Afterward, they both started to develop feelings for each other. It was like a significant change in the robotic life of Sang-woo. Now, Jae-young is like a semantic error in Sang-woo’s well-organized life. Will Sang-woo be able to fix this problem in his life, like fixing a mistake in a computer program?  

Overview of Semantic Error Chapter 79

Chapter 79 of Semantic Error is called “Love Confessed, Hearts Aligned.” This chapter is fascinating and full of surprises. Some challenges lead the boys to unexpected situations. The challenges involve growing, changing, and understanding one’s feelings, especially love.

In this chapter, Sang-woo and Jae-young get into a big fight. Jae-young arrives at the door of Sang-woo’s residence and knocks on the door, only to find out he isn’t home. A classmate of Jae-young, Yuna, sends him a picture of Sang-woo dressed in the outfit Jae-young gifted him. She told him that Sang-woo was heading to Yeonseok Street to play. 

Jae-young immediately gets jealous after seeing the picture and wishes to see Sang-woo in person wearing that outfit. Meanwhile, Sang-woo gets disturbed by a guy in a bar who tries to flirt with him. He takes out his phone to file a report against that guy, only to see 36 missed calls and several texts from Jae-young. At this time, his phone had a 6% battery.

At that instant, Jae-young calls him again; this time, Sang-woo attends the call. Their conversation on call gets heated quickly as they keep arguing and misunderstandings develop. Eventually, Sang-woo’s phone battery died, and the call was disrupted mid-argument. Now they’re both left missing each other, full of frustration to make things better by trying to understand one another’s feelings. 

How the Story Unfolds?

Sang-woo and Jae-young overcome all their differences and win at love. They start to value each other’s emotions and feelings. They become committed to each other and understand each other’s problems. The manhwa has a happy ending as they end up together, defeating all the odds and challenges in their lives.

Is Semantic Error Worth Reading? 

Semantic Error has a fun and indulging story you cannot leave in the middle once you’ve started it. This is the best manhwa for those who love romance. The manhwa has top ratings and reviews, which show how much people love it. The story shows the character development of the main characters and how they cope with the challenges in life. It also teaches us how to keep a balance between all relations in life. I recommend you try it once, and you’ll love it. 

Where Can I Find “Semantic Error Chapter 79” to Read Online?

If you want to read the manhwa, Semantic Error, all chapters are available on ManhuaScan or MantaNet. Scroll down to select any chapter that you want to read. You can access Chapter 79 directly from ManhuaScan and 

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To conclude, the manhwa’ Semantic Error’ has a catchy story. It is based on problems people face nowadays, giving an insight into typical relationship issues. However, if you are committed to a person, you will fight for them no matter what. 

The story portrays the hardships of two guys who overcome their issues despite their family problems and past traumas and prioritize each other. Go ahead and start reading the manhwa to discover how the story unfolds. I hope you have a great reading experience! 

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