Mismarca By Tomoaki Hayashi – Everything You Need To Know

Mismarca by Tomoaki Hayashi

“Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari” is a cool Japanese book series written by Tomoaki Hayashi. Tomozo drew the pictures. There are more than 10 books in the series. Tomoaki Hayashi is a great writer who mixes fantasy, adventure, and politics in the story.

The story talks about Mismarca, a place where countries have ups and downs, and important things happen. Tomozo’s drawings make the stories even more interesting. The books show how countries are formed, and the characters are really interesting. 

Each book has a new exciting journey. So, if you are interested, this quick peek without spoilers might make you want to check it out.

What is the Synopsis of The Story “Mismarca”?

What is the Synopsis of The Story “Mismarca

Mismarca, a kingdom that used to be prosperous, is now facing the possibility of war. The prince, Mahiro, is known for being lazy and not taking his royal duties seriously, which mirrors the overall complacency in the kingdom.

Things get tense when a powerful group from a rival kingdom, Granmarsenal, led by the tough warrior princess Lunas, shows up at Mismarca’s door. The people in Mismarca who are eager for a fight get even more excited. Meanwhile, there is one advisor suggesting diplomacy instead of going to war.

Now, Mismarca’s future is uncertain, and Prince Mahiro has to figure out what to do. He needs to face his own flaws and decide how he will handle the growing conflict. The survival of the kingdom depends on his choice, whether he steps up to protect his home or lets his indifference lead Mismarca to disaster. 

As the kingdom faces political struggles and military threats, the unfolding story in Mismarca brings a gripping tale of choices, consequences, and the fight for the kingdom’s fate.

Main Characters of The Story “Mismarca”

Main Characters of The Story “Mismarca”

Here are some main characters of the story:

Prince Mahiro

Prince Mahiro is the laid-back prince of Mismarca. He loves taking it easy and does not like dealing with responsibilities. Even though he has these flaws, there is something special about him that might come in handy during a big problem. As the kingdom gets close to war, Mahiro has to figure out if he will step up or stay indifferent.


Lunas is a skilled and calm warrior princess leading the Granmarsenal squad from the other kingdom. Why she is coming to Mismarca is a bit of a mystery, making the story more interesting. With the threat of war, Lunas becomes a crucial character in the complicated relationship between the two kingdoms.


Pariel is the serious and loyal Imperial Bodyguard assigned to keep Mahiro in check. She is like Mahiro’s conscience, always pushing him to do his royal duties. Pariel’s dedication adds a sense of loyalty and moral guidance to Mahiro’s character, making his internal struggles more intense.

The Cowardly Advisor

In Mismarca’s court, there is an unnamed advisor who gets attention for suggesting diplomacy with Granmarsenal instead of going to war. This causes a big debate in the kingdom. The advisor’s real motives are unclear, making things more complicated. As the story unfolds, the Cowardly Advisor’s choices might play a big role in deciding what happens to Mismarca.

What are the Themes of The Story 

What are the Themes of The Story 

Let us look into the themes of the story:

Duty vs. Desire

The story looks at the struggle between doing what you want and doing what you have to. Prince Mahiro, who likes to take it easy, finds it tough dealing with his royal duties. The story explores how people deal with their own wishes versus what society expects from them.


A big part of the story is about the chance for someone who is not perfect, like Mahiro, to become a hero. The narrative asks if people with a lot of flaws can change and discover new things about themselves. This theme brings depth to the characters and shows that personal growth is possible.

War vs. Peace

The story talks about how bad things can happen because of war and how it might be better to talk things through instead. The characters in the story do not all agree on what to do about the upcoming fight. This theme makes us think about the hard choices between fighting and finding a peaceful way to solve problems.

Hidden Potential

In the story, each character might have hidden strengths or reasons for what they do. The story says that when things get hard, people can show their true potential. As the story continues, characters might show parts of themselves that were not known before, making the story more unpredictable. It shows that everyone has hidden strengths that come out when they face tough situations.

Where to Read Mismarca Online?

Getting your hands on “Mismarca” is easy, and there are different ways to do it. You can buy ebooks, audiobooks, or physical copies from bookstores, libraries, or online shops. If you do not want to spend money, you can check if your local library has “Mismarca” for you to borrow.

For free options, look into library lending services like OverDrive or Libby. They let you borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library without any cost. Another option is subscription services like Kindle Unlimited or Audible. They offer a bunch of ebooks and audiobooks for a monthly fee, giving you more choices for your reading adventures.

So, whether you like traditional books or digital ones, and whether you want to spend money or not, there are many ways to dive into the world of “Mismarca.” Just choose what works best for you, and enjoy the reading journey!

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“Mismarca Koukoku Monogatari” is a cool Japanese book series written by Tomoaki Hayashi. It follows the story of Prince Mahiro in a kingdom facing the threat of war. The characters, like the warrior princess Lunas, the loyal Pariel, and the mysterious Cowardly Advisor, make the story intriguing.

The themes of Duty vs. Desire, Redemption, War vs. Peace, and Hidden Potential add depth to the story. You can find the book in various ways, such as buying it or borrowing it from a library. If you do not want to spend money, check if your local library offers it or try free services like OverDrive. 

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