Everything you wanted to know about Black Clover Filler list

Black Clover Filler list

Black Clover Series and Black Clover Filler List

Black Clover is a trending anime collection. It began in 2017 with Japanese film productions. Since its beginning in 2017 till now, more than 157 episodes have been released. A couple of them make a part of the Black Clover Filler list. Though Black Clover has 10 reported filler episodes. Yet its percentage level is still below approximately 6%.

The series is about Shonen Jumps’ animated dark horse. He used to ride this horse. The story has powerful animation, dynamic actors, and exciting action sequences, and storylines. That’s why the series is becoming attractive to people. Moreover, hilarious events are also a primal part of the series.

Plot Overview

The story of the Black Clover revolves around the life of Asta, the protagonist of this series. Asta is a charismatic protagonist with the ultimate motivation to be a Mage. The powerful Warrior Hokage in the Naruto Universe symbolizes the wizard king. The most obvious aspect is that the entire globe looks mystical. It is mysterious with all components like fire and water. But the sad fact is that Asta doesn’t have magical powers as he was born like a common baby. Instead of getting disappointed, he becomes more enthusiastic to fulfill his dream. His ways to achieve his goal are full of many obstacles. But he never gives up and finally gets a reward of 5 leaves of rare Grimoire of Anti–Magic by demonic powers. In this way, he begins his journey towards the clover kingdom.

Black Clover Filler list

Black Clover has become a masterpiece in the world of fairy tales. due to its powerful imaginative script and hilarious scenes. Some episodes from the series form one part of the Black Clover filler list such as the following.

  • The Secret of the Eye of Midnight.
  • The Battle to the Death.
  • The Nightmarish Charmy Special
  •  A New Resolve
  •  Those who have gathered
  •  One who has my heart, my mind, and my soul

 The Secret of the Eye of Midnight

The Secret of the Eye of Midnight has appeared quite momentous. Opponents of the Clover Kingdom are so powerful that they have a great number of mages. Licht appears to be loyal to all the players, They are in pursuit of a mysterious rock from which to conquer the Sea Bed Temple (the capital of the Rival Kingdom).

The Battle to the Death

This part of the series opens with an imaginative glimpse of Star Forest. Here, Yami and Jack look trying to sell their food. Here, you may see Jack in the guise of a ripper is trying to sell a punching bag. Sekke also tries to sell his grilled meat and Asta wants to sell liquid. The most striking thing about this part is the cast of Sekke who is the most supported character.

The Nightmarish Charmy Special

This section begins with the entry of Asta and Zora. They are wandering in a forest to find some unique elements to prepare a meal for Yuno and the magical Knight. Yet, they find a toxic mushroom and get a new experience. Both of them go through a nightmare of 30 seconds. In the dream, they encounter black bulls and other black characters. Charmy gets up and realizes her dreamy condition. On the other side, Zora gets annoyed. She makes a plan to punish them as they fail in her idea of impressing the idea of a magic Knight.


It is obvious from the title that this part is about the return of Black Bulls. Now they are back in their native land. Henry LEGOLAND is not happy about the actual location of the state and tries to figure it out. Asta gives suggestions to everyone to write his/ her ideas about the exact location of the land. However, Yami asks another team to identify the missing pet beasts. Henry stays in his previous role.

A New Resolve

Asta, Noelle, Silva, and Secre Swallowtail appear in this part. All these people are riding on a broomstick over the state. in the form of birds. Asta is not happy with Noelle’s fast flying. While Noelle gets angry with him. Because he gets insulted rather than thanking him for the riding service. In the end, all three friends decide their riding positions.

Those who have gathered

In this episode, all the main characters play their supreme role including Asta, Noelle, Captain Fuegole, Kirsch, Mimosa, and Sister Theresa. Asta and Noelle are in a bull hideout. The place where they are now is Vermillion Estate.

One who has my heart, my mind, and my soul

In this episode, Asta seems exhausted and starving after a hard day of labor. Asta is walking with Finral Roulacase who tells him about the curse. This news makes Asta disturbed. Noelle appears and consoles him that the curse is fake. Funeral wants to improve his flirting habits. He tries to maintain good company with girls during an evening party.

Gaining Popularity of the Black Clove Leaf

The series is gaining popularity day by day all around the world. Fans are eager to explore more details about the expected adventures. They also want to know about the upcoming journey of Asta. The recent order has fulfilled its completion. Younko Production has also released a promo for Black Clover Continuation.

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Bottom Line

Last but not least, the Black Clove Anime Collection is one of the most famous stories. the episodes enlisted as Black Clover Filler List are more appealing. The story will win your hearts with the hopes of two brothers who want to rule the magical world. This is very enjoyable content that will keep your attention. it will make you curious about the fairy tale. You will also wanna learn more and more details.

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