What a Lack of Vitamin A Can Cause in Your Body

Vitamin A

The body needs vitamins to function well. One of the most important is vitamin A. Vitamin A is used to strengthen the immune system, improve vision, aid reproduction, and make the skin healthier. Retinol, or vitamin A, is commonly found in fish, dairy products, eggs, and meat. However, the body can also convert carotenoids into vitamin A from vegetables, beans, and yellow and orange fruits.

Vitamin A deficiency has been common among people in poor areas and developing countries since they do not have enough food rich in vitamin A. Infants, children, pregnant ladies, and breastfeeding moms are also at high risk of having vitamin A deficiency. So, what exactly happens to our bodies when we have low vitamin A levels? This article will give you an overview and a few pointers for dealing with deficiency.

Extremely dry eyes

One of the most common effects of vitamin A deficiency is having various eye-related issues or problems. For instance, having extremely dry eyes or the inability to create tears is experienced by most people with very low vitamin A. Studies have shown that almost 50% of kids in India are experiencing dry eyes because they are deprived of vitamin A-rich foods.

Some places in Africa and Southeast Asia also encounter the same problem. In extreme cases, untreated, dry eyes and vitamin A deficiency can lead to dying corneas or complete blindness. Fortunately, vitamin A supplements can help heal minor cases of dry eyes. However, if symptoms persist, going to a clinic with the best dry eye IPL treatment device for a safer and more accurate procedure would be best step to take.

Development of skin problems

Vitamin A plays a big role in creating and repairing skin cells. It is also used by the body to fight excessive inflammation caused by different skin conditions. This is why the skin suffers if the body is not getting enough vitamin A, leading to dry skin, eczema, itchiness, and rashes.

Recent studies have shown that people with eczema experience relief and improvement after taking vitamin A supplements. In addition, people with naturally dry skin are advised to incorporate food rich in vitamin A in their diets and use moisturizers, lotions, and other products with high vitamin A content.

Infertility or trouble conceiving

Vitamin A is needed by the body (of both males and females) in reproduction and the baby’s proper development during pregnancy. This is why people with extremely low vitamin A levels may have trouble conceiving. Many animal studies involving rats conclude that females with vitamin A deficiency are infertile, and those who manage to conceive have embryos with congenital disabilities.

Some experts also connect vitamin A deficiency with miscarriages. Of course, vitamin A deficiency is not the only reason behind these, but if you are having trouble conceiving, you should check your vitamin A levels.

Final thoughts

Vitamin A is essential for the body to function accordingly. A diet with insufficient vitamin A may lead to several symptoms like the ones mentioned above.

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