What Is Gramho? How To Use IG Account Analyzer? Is It Safe?


In this age of the modern world, social media has become an essential part of the world. It helps people interact with their close ones and people from all over the world. Many businesses approach people through Instagram and check their account statistics. In this way, they promote their products by sending them PRs or paid collaborations so that more followers can use them. In this way, their products can revolve among a large audience.

For this purpose, these companies or businesses need a checker tool to analyze certain people’s Instagram account rates.

What is Gramho, and How Does it Work?

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Gramho is a checker tool that you can use to analyze your and a competitor’s Instagram profile. It can be your fellow bloggers or businesses on Instagram. You can also edit your videos, photos, and posts without logging into any accounts through Gramho.

Working Of Gramho

Gramho works by analyzing a person’s data provided on Instagram public accounts. It extracts and integrates data, analyzes it according to its technology, and makes graphs about people’s searches, their reach, and the number of likes and comments on their posts. It is highly informative too.

Functions and Benefits of Using Gramho

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It is a free app with various functions and benefits that are mentioned below:

1) statistical Data of Your Profile

It can help you have a statistical data about your profile

2) Analyzing Competitors Data

 It can help you analyze your competitor’s data and reach

3) Free Online Instagram Editing

 Gramho provides you with free online Instagram editing and viewing

4) Save Photos And Videos

You can even save the photos or videos that you like to see further and the type of content you love

5) Business Approach

 Different businesses can approach their clients who have good Instagram reach and larger audience

6) Mobile Friendly

 You can use it on mobile as well as on the laptop.

7) Anonymous Browsing

You can also browse anonymously through this app, and no one will be able to recognize you.

8) Easy To Use

It is easy to use.

9) Prediction For Future Reach

It also helps you predict the number of likes on your future posts according to your recent activity and reach.

10) Anonymous Downloading

 It also helps you to save other people’s posts, videos, and pictures anonymously.

How to Use Gramho – Step-by-Step Guide

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you can use this app by following these steps:

Step-1) Open the Gramho on your phone or PC, or laptop.

Step-2) Enter the username of the profile you want to search, either yours or anyone else’s.

Step-3) You can see all the recent posts on that profile.

Step-4) Simply click on your desire post.

Step-5) At the screen’s bottom, you will see download option.

Step-6 Finally you can easily download IG stories, photos and videos.

Is Gramho Safe To Use?

Gramho is the easiest and safest app to analyze Instagram profiles, which is also free. As far as security is concerned, this app is safe as it does not require your login details or personal information. Even if you analyze a competitor’s site too, they won’t be able to know if you have searched.

Other Alternatives to Gramho

If you still feel unsafe about Gramho, there are various other sites available that are an alternative to Gramho. These websites have almost the same perks as Gramho. Below is their brief introduction to help you know about them:


This platform is also free and has the advantage of downloading different videos and posts along with all other perks.


SaveInsta is an Instagram video download platform that helps user download their favorite videos and posts.


Pickuki Gramho is a video editor and viewer, which is the counterpart of Gramho and provides the same facilities as Gramho.


Imginn is also a popular website to view your and other people’s Instagram. But this app does not help with liking or sharing the post anonymously. You need to log in to your ID to like or comment on the posts through this app. multiple things are also missing and are not an excellent option.


Is Gramho Down?

Gramho is not down. Using it abruptly or frequently may cause the website to hang a little bit, but this happens very rarely.

What mostly customers say about Gramhir.com

1) Gramhir statistics helped me to understand my Instagram account better, says Michael from Canada

2) the service is excellent. I can anonymously browse and download Instagram stories, says David from the USA

3) I recommend this service to everyone who wants to browse Instagram, says Jonas from Germany

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Final Words- My recommendations

Gramho website is a fantastic website that helped me analyze my account. I recommend this to everyone who wants to grow in Instagram blogging and content creation. This website helps you improve your content by searching other people’s content and seeing what content gains more hype to help you make market-friendly and innovative content.

Gramho not only helps you know about your account statistics but also helps in analyzing what your future account statistics will be according to your recent reach. It might be helpful in many ways, but it creates competition among people, making them mentally unwell.

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