Use Smihub to keep an eye on children, enemies & Anti-country activities

Use Smihub to keep an eye on children

In our surroundings, most of us try to interfere in the personal matters of others, especially on social media platforms, without being detected. Our purpose in hiding our presence and not being detected is to keep the spotlight on every activity of those who avoid sharing their content with us. This pious purpose can be achieved by using many anonymous story viewers.

List of stories viewers to view someone’s Instagram Story anonymously

There are a lot of story viewers available on the internet to view someone’s Instagram Story anonymously. Many of them work effectively in hiding your presence as well as downloading photos, videos, and sensitive content of your target account. The list of story viewers includes Smihub, Glassagram, StoriesDown, Qoob stories, mSpy, and Stories IG. All of them have different features but few are common just as watching someone’s Instagram story anonymously and saving private content from your target account.

Smihub is a top-rated and most efficient among all anonymous Instagram stories viewers. A lot of Smihub’s users have reviewed it positively and highly recommend it to others who want to achieve the same purpose.

Table of Contents

  • What is Smihub
  • Why do people use Smihub
  • How does it work?
  • Advantages of Using Smihub
  • Alternatives of Smihub
  • Conclusion

What is Smihub?

Smihub is an anonymous Instagram story viewer which helps its users to view someone’s Instagram story without being detected. In simple words, we can say that with Smihub you can view the story of your target account without making an account on Instagram. Smihub does not allow account holders to see your presence. It is not just limited to hiding your identity but also helps to analyze the profile of your target account. Analyze means to keep in view what is going on, on your target account.

You will be amazed to know that millions of people use Smihub without paying even a single penny.  It becomes possible only due to stories. Smihub is free for all users by StoriesIG.

Why do people use Smihub?

There are numerous reasons why you might use anonymous story viewers to watch someone’s story anonymously. Someone may be your Ex, children, rival, enemy, catspaws of enemies, and anti-country activities.

To keep Eye on Ex Anonymously

Most people use Smihub to keep an eye on all the activities of their Ex after a breakup. Smihub keeps them undetected and helps to achieve their objectives. It is done to take revenge or to know the current relationship of your Ex.

To keep Eye on Children

As we know, blackmailing and other social evils are common on social media. So there are many chances for children to get indulge in those social evils on social media. Therefore, it’s very necessary to keep eye on children’s Instagram profiles anonymously.

To Keep Eye on Rival’s Activities

Rivalry acts are harmful to everyone. numerous propagandas are spread by rivals on social media accounts to disgrace you or your country. Being a respectful person or a patriot, you must keep eye on your Rival’s account and its activities anonymously. By doing this, you can save your integrity.

To keep Eye on Enemy and Anti-country activities 

Nowadays, Social media platforms are the best places where you can do harmful activities against your enemies. Instagram is also one of them. Most of the international conspiracies are done by private Instagram accounts that target specific users. So, a responsible person must keep an eye on those Instagram accounts that are run by enemies. Smihubi will help you to do this efficiently and anonymously. Moreover, you can use the content of the targeted account as proof for investigation.

How does Smihub work?

Smihub performs every function differently with different methods.

  • If you want to browse someone’s Instagram profile, you just have to put the username of the target account in the search bar. Click on the ‘view” and After a few seconds, the list of desired accounts will come on your screen.
  • You can also find target accounts by searching trending hashtags.
  • To download photos, videos, and private data, you will need to keep in touch on posts for a few seconds.

Advantages of Using Smihub

It is not wrong to say that there are a lot of advantages to using Smihub. That’s why most people have reviewed it positively. Most of Smihub’s users strictly recommend it to perform numerous activities anonymously. Below we are going to discuss its benefits in detail.

  • Free of Cost
  • Works anonymously
  • Works without account
  • Downloading Tool
  • Search Everything
  • Analyze Target Accounts

Free of Cost

It is delightful to know that Smihub is free of cost for watching Instagram storiesanonymously. Apart from watching, you can perform every function without paying even a single penny.

Works Anonymously

The only feature of Smihub that makes it superior to others is working anonymously. From analyzing to downloading it works anonymously. You can watch everything on the targeted account without being detected. It will not unveil your presence even whatever you search and browse about your target Instagram account.

Works without Instagram Account

Smihub doesn’t require any Instagram account for working. It allows you to watch Instagram stories without an Instagram account. For this, you have to just visit the official website of Smihub and put the username of your target account in the search bar. After a few seconds, Smihub will be opened to cater to your needs.

Smihub is an Anonymous Downloading Tool

Smihub can download photos, videos, and private content of someone’s Instagram account from Instagram to your device. It is very easy to use for downloading content. Just press up on the post and click on the download option.

Search Everything

Search everything you want on Instagram through hashtags, location, and profile.

Analyze Targets Instagram Accounts

Smihub helps you to analyze your target Instagram account. In the analysis of accounts, you can get access to comments, likes, and followers list anonymously.

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List of Alternatives of Smihub

Numerous tools are available on the internet that works just like Smihub. But Smihub is superior to all due to its efficiency and some unique features. 

Stories IG

Stories IG is a convenient Instagram story viewer that is made for quick and anonymous access to Instagram accounts. If you are a busy person and want to save your time, It is the best choice for you.


Hoverwatch helps you to gain much more than just seeing what is going on someone’s Instagram stories. It can help you to track the target phone to check everything that is going on with this phone.

Qoob stories

Qoob stories are the best anonymous Instagram story viewer if you want to be able to save content in bulk. It will also keep your all activities veiled and ensure your absence for target users.


It’s time to summarize the whole article in a few words. In Summing up, I will just say that Smihub is enough to cater to your needs if you want to keep all your activities with someone’s Instagram account hidden.

  • With Smihub, you can watch someone’s story without being detected.
  • With Smihub, you can analyze your target account anonymously to check what is going on it.
  • With Smihub, you can download content from Instagram to your phone.
  • Smihub works without demanding an Instagram account. Simply, it doesn’t require you to log in to your Instagram account.
  • Smihub is free of cost and doesn’t demand even a single penny for working.


Can I watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously?

Yes, you can watch someone’s Instagram story anonymously with Smihub. Smihub helps you to watch Instagram stories without being detected by your target account.

How Can I download photos and videos on Instagram?

You can download photos, videos, and even private content on Instagram by using Smihub. With Smihub, you can download everything on Instagram without being detected.

Is Smihub secure to use?

Yes, Smihub is a secure anonymous Instagram stories viewer. It will not allow the Instagram account holder to know who has viewed his Instagram stories. Moreover, you analyze someone’s Instagram account without being detected.

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