What is Tom Segura Net Worth 2023? Complete Life History.

Tom Segura Net Worth

Tom Segura is a renowned personality in America; he is a director, producer, actor and, most importantly, a great comedian. Tom is also a writer and a broadcaster. However, he is mostly known as a stand-up comedian that was spotted by major television stars.

His roles in different comedy shows were marvelous and are so much liked by the people. He also played roles in numerous Netflix stand-up comedy specials, talk shows, and reality series. His father’s name is Thomas, whereas his mother is Charo Segura, and he was born on April 16, 1979, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

His father is an American and also French Canadian, whereas his mother is Peruvian, and she immigrated to America after 1950. He is famous for his work in the “your mom’s house” and “two bears one cave” podcasts.

Early Life of Tom Segura

Tom Segura
Tom Segura

He started his journey and was very satisfied with having sole-living parents. He also spent very beautiful days with his two sisters. Unfortunately, during his early life, he started experimenting with drugs which nearly cost him his life. He started his education at Lenoir-Rhyne University in Hickory, North Carolina.

After he graduates from Lenoir-Rhyne University, he mainly focuses on making himself a stand-up comedian. He also supported himself by doing different jobs and worked a lot on improving his stand-up comedy skills.

He attended different events and started participating in live shows and competitions in the early 2000s. Through these shows, he received some recognition, and after some years of struggling, he got an opportunity to star in the talk show, “Live at Gotham.”

Indeed, he was given the comedian role and did so well in that show. At the University, he was recognized as a great comedian because he got into different comedy scenes. His comedy style earned him a lot, and he started progressing with time after selling different venues to going out on tours.

However, after some big events, his life changed because he took part in the global comedy festival in Canada. He also played a marvelous role in the Malvern international festival; however, he was much liked at the “Last Laughs Festival.”

What is Tom Segura’s Net Worth?

Tom Segura has a great fortune, and you will be surprised to know that his net worth is 12 million dollars. This is also due to his highly successful career. Initially, he was involved in different occupations, but he was more focused on comedy in the end.

He became famous worldwide as a renowned comedian and his podcast “Your Mom’s House.” So he generated revenue from this streaming service. He also earns money from producing different films and hosting events. He also wrote many books and contributed to his estimated net worth of 12 million as of 2023.

Tom Segura Career Highlights

After completing his undergraduate studies, Tom Segura started his comedy career. He performed at different events and venues in Canada and the United States of America, including Los Angeles. He started his career as a comedian, but with time, he did different jobs such as describing TV shows, internships, and loggings. After gaining popularity, he also started different festivals and comedy shows.

You also appeared on Television in a show named “Comedy Central Presents” and “Live at Gotham.” He also plays very well in a Netflix show named “Completely Normal.” One of his great achievements in his life is that he got so much popularity through his podcasts.

With time, he got so much confidence that he launched his reality show with his wife. The show’s name is your mom’s house, and he broadcasted this show in 2011. In his podcasts, he discusses a wide variety of subjects.

Real Estate

You will be surprised that Tom Segura and his wife Christina also work a lot in real estate. They have been in the real estate market for years and are popular with an impressive portfolio. They bought a house in Woodland Hills, California, for 1.6 million dollars. It is a beautiful house with beautiful gates and traditional styling. The floors are made of beautiful hardwood, and the house has a lagoon-style pool.

Although they bought this house for 1.6 billion dollars, in 2020, they listed it for 2 million dollars. In January 2020, they moved to a large home in the Pacific Palisades. Surprisingly, they bought that house for 6.65 million dollars.

The house comprises seven bedrooms, three full floors, a rooftop deck and marble counterparts. The rooftop could give a 360-degree view, and the home downstairs had a pool and an outdoor kitchen. But after a year, the couple decided to move to Austin, Texas. After moving, they put their Pacific Palisades home at the cost of 6.85 million dollars.

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Tom Segura Twitter and Instagram

On Tom Segura’s Twitter account, he has 726800 followers. He has 1.7 million followers on Instagram as of March 2022. Normally, followers can easily go to the YMH studio’s official online store on his Instagram and Twitter accounts by clicking the link.

Wife of Tom Segura

Wife of Tom Segura

In 2008, Tom Segura married his fellow comedian, Christina Pazitski. They are still happily married. Christina gave a marvelous performance on Television and also toured all over the world. At the time, Segura was from Cincinnati; he also lived in different cities with his wife, including Vero Beach, Mecon, Wisconsin, Florida, etc. However, nowadays, Tom and his wife currently live in Southern California.

Personal Life of Tom Segura

Tom Segura

There are many things in Tom that you will be surprised to know that his life partner is very helpful in making his life beautiful. He married his fellow comedian Christina pazsitzky. As his life partner is also a comedian, this will make his life more comfortable and considerate. The couple tied the knot in 2008. The couple has two kids and participates in a podcast named your mom’s house.

Their kids also play a very important role in generating revenue. The other thing which helped Tom is his versatility in speaking two languages. This is why he is bilingual and performs in Spanish and English.

In other words, we can see that he is a very successful man who produces podcasts and works very beautifully on TV and movies. So he is the king of the entertainment world, and it becomes very clear that he is a successful man.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much did Tom Segura sell his house for?

Tom and his wife, who host the podcast, sold their house for 1.875 million dollars.

What is the net worth of Tom Segura?

The net worth of Tom Segura is about 12 million dollars.

What is the age of Tom Segura?

He was born on 16 April 1979; his birth age is 44 years old.

What is the salary of Tom Segura?

The estimated salary of Tom Segura is 2 million dollars per year


Tom Segura is a fantastic comedian and superstar in the world of Television and comedy. He became so much popular all over the world, and people liked him so much. He made a name for himself and became a stand-up comedian. Until now, he has been active in podcasts and doing a perfect job. He also bought houses worth millions of dollars. Now, his difficult past has gone, and he is at the heights of his career.

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