Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives? Need To Know Everything.

Who Are The Hodgetwins Wives

If you’re a fitness freak, then you must’ve heard about twin brothers Kevin and Keith, aka Hodgetwins. Not just fitness, these twin brothers are also into stand-up comedy and YouTube videos.

These brothers became famous in 2008 on YouTube by posting their fitness videos as well as comedy videos. Recently, the brothers have also made a YouTube channel called Conservative Twins. Not just this, the brothers also run a clothing brand

Also, the Hodge brothers have been married for 15 years now. However, there is not much known about their families. But, for the recent happenings,  read this article to know more about the brothers and their lives. 

Who are HodgeTwins?

HodgeTwins, born on 17 Sept 1975 in Martinsville, Virginia, is known for the fitness and comedy videos they started to make in 2008. They are also known for conservative political commentary and the way they make people laugh.

Not only this, the identical twins joined stand-up comedy shows in 2016, where they used to do live shows. The same year, they appeared in VidCon, an event that invites online video creators. “The Root,” one of the websites, ranked them as #3 because of their work.

However, people say that the HodgeTwins are Africans, but the twins prefer to be called “Black Americans,” and it’s because they were born in America. The twins are 4 siblings in total. They’ve 1 elder sister, Rosalyn Hodge. The name of the elder brother has never been mentioned. Their mother died in 2013, and no information about their father. 

Kevin and Keith have also said that they’ve no connection to Africa, nor do they support the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The reason why they are called Africans is because of their dark skin tone. 

They’ve 3 million followers on YouTube, which are all organic. Here is the link to their social media accounts. 

Youtube: hodgetwins. tv

Twitter: twitter.com/hodgetwins

Facebook: facebook.com/thehodgetwins

Snapchat: snapchat.com/add/hodge_twins

Instagram: instagram.com/hodgetwins

HodgeTwins and Their Wives

HodgeTwins and Their Wives

Keith and Kevin are the most popular fitness and lifestyle YouTubers in America. They are known for their humorous and entertaining videos on fitness, nutrition, and political commentaries. 

Hodge twins kept their families private and tended to keep their personal lives separate from social media. They did not share any official information about their wives or family members publically. 

Keith has shared her wife’s pictures on instagram, and she is very social, while on the other hand, Kevin’s wife doesn’t interact socially. However, the brothers posted pictures of their wives in June 2017. Scroll below to see the link to the shared picture.

Kevin Hodge’s Personal Life

Kevin Hodge married a Mexican girl whose name has not been disclosed yet. Kevin Hodge has been very secretive about his wife and personal life. All we know about Kevin Hodge’s life is he has 4 children whose names and genders are still unknown.

We can’t say anything about the wedding venue or how many years their marriage has lasted because Kevin never spoke on social media about it. 

Moreover, there’s a picture posted on 17 June 2017 on Hodgetwins Facebook profile where they showed a picture of their wives. Here is the Facebook link where you can see the post. 

Also, some websites have published about the gender of Kevin Hodge’s children, but that is all fake because Kevin or any member of the Hodge family has never disclosed it. 

Keith Hodge’s Personal Life

Keith Hodge married Elizabeth on the 31st of May 2000. Elizabeth is also of Mexican ancestry. She and Keith were best friends before they tied the knot into marriage. As the twin brother, even Keith has never shown or spoken about his children’s age or gender.

The reports have shown that Keith and Elizabeth have 3 children, but their genders and names are still not revealed publicly.  

Keith, on the other hand, is very vocal about his love for his wife, Elizabeth. They are all always seen to be cute moments when in public. Also, Keith shared the picture on the profile, saying, “16 years ago, today I married the love of my life”.

You can check that picture here on their official instagram account. 

Why did the HodgeTwins Show Get Canceled?

The Hodgetwins show was canceled in the Tallahassee venue Wilbury in January 2019. The brothers reported that the show got canceled due to their political comments, but the organizers said something else. 

The organizers said that they didn’t let the brothers perform because of the joke they made about the transgender on their YouTube video, which is hateful content. And the person they said was a trans was identically a woman. 

One of the brothers said, “You need to do a better job to be a trans.” This was something highly controversial, and the brothers faced a lot of criticism after this video, which had more than 103000 views. 

Here is the link to the YouTube where they made fun of trans. 

Net Worth of The HodgeTwins

The Hodge Twins has an estimated earning of  $ 3.5 million. They earn a lot of amount through their YouTube channel, and the other earnings come from their clothing brand which is HodgeTwins

The brothers also earn revenue from the tours and collaborations they do with the brands. The YouTube earnings of the brothers come from 4 different channels.

The main account is the HodgeTwins, and The other one is ConservativeTwins where they share political controversy. Twinmuscles is another channel where they post fitness videos and askthehodgetwins where they do Q&A sessions and live. 

The Hodge Twin channel  Subscribers: Over 1.2 Million people

Daily Views: 1,92,000

Earnings per day: $100

TwinMuscle Channel Subscribers: Over 1.8 Million people

 Daily views: 3,75,000

 Earnings per day: $204

AskHodgeTwins Subscribers: Over 1.5 Million people

Daily Views: 2,21,500

 Earning per day: $204

Hodgetwins Vlog Subscribers: Over 6,35,000 people

Daily Views: About 73,000

Earning per day: $63

This is a rough approximation of HodgeTwins total earnings, and according to this estimate, they make $222,000 in a year just from the YouTube channels.   

However, this is just the estimate of their YouTube earnings; the other platforms’ earnings are still not confirmed. 

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Hodgetwins are the fitness freaks’ identical twin brothers who are not just into bodybuilding and gyming but also comedy and commenting on political issues. 

Kelvin and Keith started their YouTube channel in 2008 by making comedy videos about their fitness and other topics. 

The brothers got married in 2000 and are living happy lives with their wives and children. Although they keep their lives very private, people hardly know about their wives and their children. 

The brothers earn massive amounts of income through their social media accounts. They are also running a clothing brand, and collaborations with other brands are also a source of income for Hodgetwins. 


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