Fix the Issue, Why Can’t I Follow Someone on TikTok?


Are you tired because you can’t follow someone on TikTok? It can be challenging but don’t worry; we’ll try to solve all your problems.

You can’t follow people on TikTok for several reasons, such as their private account, their maximum number of followers, or a technical issue with the app. Some possible solutions you can try are to restore the network settings, wait for some time to see if the problem resolves on its own, or reach out to TikTok support for further guidance.

Let’s look at the main reasons and solutions that will help you get back to following those who inspire you.

Why Can’t I Follow Someone on the TikTok App?

TikTok is a popular platform for entertainment where you can connect with your favorite content creators. Teenagers are highly addicted to this app for sharing videos to entertain and inspire the audience. 

Here I’ll discuss why you can’t follow someone on TikTok.

1. You’re Following Accounts Too Quickly:

TikTok limits the number of accounts you can follow daily to reduce spam activity on its Platform. If you follow too many accounts in one day, TikTok doesn’t proceed with your request to follow someone’s account or like any video. You have to wait for the next day to be able to start following again.

To verify if you’ve been rate limited, you can try liking a video or following a creator, then promptly checking your profile to see if the liked video has disappeared or if your following count has been reduced.

2. Daily Following TikTok Limit:

TikTok launched rules to meet the community guidelines against violations and prevent spamming. It sets a boundary on the number of accounts you follow. If you cross that limit, it restricts you from following more accounts.

The boundary may fluctuate based on account status and history activity, which could apply to the present day or your account overall.

3.TikTok Algorithm Categorised You as a Bot:

TikTok might consider you a bot when connected to a public account. It happens because many users share the same IP address, which triggers TikTok’s Algorithm that restricts your ability to follow other web accounts. 

An easy way to get the algorithm to stop seeing you as a bot is to change your account password or connect to a private account.

4. Outdated App:

An outdated app may slow down your app and prevent you from following others. 

To resolve this problem, you can update the app by navigating to the app store, searching for TikTok, and selecting the update option. 

5.TikTok ShadowBan or Temporary Block:

TikTok values the safety and well-being of its users and expects everyone to follow the community guidelines. These guidelines promote a safe and positive environment for all users. If TikTok detects that you are promoting content that may be harmful or discriminatory, It temporarily or permanently restricts your account from following anyone.

 If you think your account was banned in error, you can contact the TikTok support team to appeal the decision.

6. Bug Issue:

Glitches may appear in apps, which constrain you from following accounts. It usually appears after an app update or any server issue.

To address this challenge, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app, checking for any pending updates, or using the web version of TikTok. If the web version works properly, the issue is likely with the app, and you may need to update or reinstall it.

7. Device or App issues:

If you’re experiencing a problem in following someone, it could be due to an issue with an app or device. Make sure you have a recent version of the app installed; if not, then update it. 

You can restart your device or switch to a different network to solve the issue. You can contact the TikTok support team if the issue persists.

8.TikTok’s Processor and Server Down:

If the server is temporarily down for maintenance or other reasons, you can’t follow anyone for some time. 

9. Private Accounts:

If you are encountering problems following someone on TikTok, they may have banned you, or their account is private or restricted to a specific group of people. 

Either way, you won’t receive any notification or message letting you know your account is restricted.

How to Fix the Issue “Why Can’t I Follow Someone on TikTok”

If you are finding it hard to follow other users on TikTok, you may have violated TikTok’s terms and conditions. In this case, you must wait until the restriction is lifted. However, if the problem is unrelated to the violation, clearing the catches, updating or reinstalling TikTok resolves the problem.

Here are a few options you can explore to fix the issue of being unable to follow anyone on TikTok

1. Wait for Some Time

If you exceed the number of accounts you can follow briefly or reach the limit, TikTok temporarily restricts your account from following accounts. The best approach in this scenario is to wait for some time before trying to follow more accounts again.

2. Update TikTok

Like any other app, outdated versions of TikTok may have bugs and synchronization issues. So it is crucial to update your app to run it smoothly.

3. Log in Again or Reinstall Your TikTok App

If you are facing challenges with your TikTok, logging back in can help to fix your problem. If that doesn’t resolve your issue, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

 Reinstalling the app removes most of the caches and helps the app to refresh again. Once you’ve reinstalled the app, log back in and try following again.

4. Clear TikTok’s Cache on Your Phone:

Tiktok may become slow and unresponsive if you don’t remove cache files regularly. To fix the issue, you need to clear the TikTok caches. 

To clear the caches, follow the given steps. 

Go to settings or Apps >find TikTok, click on it, then go to storage and clear cache.

5. Wait for the Server to Become Operational:

You cannot follow accounts until the server becomes operational. So you’ll need to wait until it’s back up and running before trying again.

Using the Down detector, you can verify whether the TikTok server is functioning properly.

6. Get Tik Tok Support:

If you have tried all the solutions and are still experiencing issues with TikTok, you can directly contact TikTok support for their assistance. 

7. Check Internet Connection:

A poor internet connection can also cause problems with Tik Tok. To troubleshoot this issue, check your internet connection to see if it’s strong enough. If not, you can turn it off before turning it back on. If it doesn’t work, you can contact your internet service provider to see if there’s a problem with your WiFi device or if the internet is down in your area.

8. Restore Network Settings:

If you suspect that the main problem is with your device and not with Tik Tok, you can try restoring the network setting as a possible solution. It will optimize settings that were previously set for that network. This method helps you overcome the problem of not being able to follow other users.

9. TikTok safe usage measures:

To minimize the chances of encountering problems, consider the following measures.

Make sure to follow Tik Tok community guidelines. Please limit yourself to following not more than 20 accounts per hour, clear your app caches regularly, scrutinize the person’s profile before following them, and avoid repeatedly following and unfollowing the same account.

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If you are unable to follow someone on TikTok, don’t worry. There are several ways to resolve the issue and get back to enjoying the Platform to the fullest. Whether you’re dealing with an internet connectivity problem, any technical issue, or exceeding the maximum limit of following the accounts, follow the above steps in the article to overcome the issue and continue discovering new content and engaging with your favorite creators. So don’t give up hope. With persistence and some troubleshooting, you can regain the ability to follow other users on TikTok.


How long does TikTok block you from following?

The duration of TikTok account restrictions is not set and can fluctuate based on the reason for the restriction. However, newer accounts may encounter longer restriction periods compared to older accounts.

How do I know that my following limit on TikTok has been reached?

To check whether you have reached the limit of accounts you can follow on TikTok, go to the profile and click on the “Following” tab. If you see the message that reads “you have reached the maximum number of accounts allowed on TikTok. After this, You won’t be able to follow any more accounts until you unfollow some of your current ones.

Why does TikTok Limit Your followers?

Tiktok may limit your followers to prevent spamming and ensure the Platform remains safe and enjoyable for all users.

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