Why does TikTok Keep Logging Me Out? Complete Solution 2023.


TikTok is the most popular social media app allowing users to create, watch, and share 15-second videos on their devices. It’s an addictive entertainment world for its users; thus, they get frustrated if TikTok logs them out. 

The users wonder why TikTok is playing an elusive game of logging out automatically. The main reasons for this falsehood are unauthorized access to your account or someone trying to remove an active device from the account settings, or server being down, your disabled or hacked account, and others. You can fix these issues by changing your account details, logging in again, and checking your internet connections. 

In this blog, I’ve described all the possible reasons why does TikTok logging you out by itself. Additionally, I have uncovered ways to help you access your TikTok account. 

Let’s journey to discover the secrets behind TikTok’s automatic logout conundrum! 

Why does TikTok Logout My Account Automatically?

While scrolling on a TikTok app you may encounter the worst-case experience of App logging you out. There are various reasons for this phase that we have explained that why it is happening and what are solution to get back to app.  

Unauthorized Access to Your Account

It could be the main reason when an unauthorized person tries to get access to your account. If TikTok’s security systems detect any login attems from different locations or devices they logged you out to prevent hacking and any other suspicious activity.

This security precaution protects user information and privacy by ensuring that only authorized users can login the account. 

Servers are Down

As TikTok has a billion users per day. Probably, the server goes overloaded, offline, or unreachable due to a network issue, outage, or ongoing website maintenance. Therefore, If its server is down, it cannot run your app properly on your internet connection. You might be logged out of the app in these circumstances or unable to log in.

Poor Internet Connection

It is a compulsory need when you want to run any social media app. Similarly, TikTok works well at high speed. If your home has a poor internet connection, your app will not perform as fast as your requirements. Therefore, your network connectivity issues or unstable internet connections will disrupt operations and result in automatic logouts.

Disabled Account or Hacked Account 

TikTok offers community guidelines that a user should follow. Otherwise, it can suspend your account temporarily. 

In another way, if someone has hacked your account and tried to reach out to your profile, you may face logout issues.

App’s Outdated Version

The app launches the updated versions to avoid any bug issues and corrupted files to improve users’ experience. If you have not updated your app, your application performance will not be improved, thus resulting in automatically logged-out issues. 

Using VPN on Your Phone 

If VPN is on in your device, your app will probably keep you showing log out. VPN affects TikTok’s performance and access, causes connectivity issues, or triggers security measures, leading to login problems.

Additionally, TikTok’s algorithms do not work optimally with VPNs, which affects user experience.

Account Logged in Multiple Devices

If you are logged into TikTok on multiple devices at the same time, TikTok find it as suspicious activity that can trigger automatic prevent unauthorized access.

Also, consider Logging out from other devices then log in again on the device you are currently using.

How to Prevent Your Account from Logging Out Automatically? 

Thanfully, here are the solution that will help you to access your account back. You can follow any of this way according to your recognized issue. 

Check Your Account Security

TikTok enables its user Two-factor authentication, which needs additional verification each time they log in. Enable two-factor authentication as well (if available) to add a layer of security. Additionally, Change your password to something secure and original to protect your account. 

The Device Management allows you to examine all the devices that are currently logged into your account and remove your login from devices. Moreover, it alters you against any suspicious behavior on your account.

You can follow the following steps to check your account security. 

  • Firstly, log into your account and tap ‘Profile.’ 
  • Click on the Menu button and tap ‘Setting.’
  • On the Settings window, tap on Privacy & Safety, then click ‘Personalization & Data’ and ‘Download your data.’ 

At this stage, TikTok will provide the list of instructions that you need to follow. 

When you submit your request, the TikTok app offers a ZIP file of your data, which you can download from the Download your data tab. However, It is important to note that the file preparation may take up to 3 days.

Check Server Status 

You can use a server checker tool such as a down detector to check server issues. Users can report their problems, and live outages that might stop you from signing in are shown.

Simply enter the TikTok website’s URL, tiktok.com, ask the checker to begin analyzing, and you’ll receive the result in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can verify other website servers by following the same guidelines.

Check Account Status 

The simplest way to check if your account is hacked or disabled is by checking your account status. 

Click on the Menu, then tap on ‘support.’ 

Click ‘Safety Centre’ and then tap ‘Account Status.’ If your account is not disabled, you will be notified that you follow the community guidelines. It indicates that you have another login issue. 

If your account is disabled, you can appeal to the TikTop app by clicking on ‘Appeal’ and following the given instructions. 

Update the App and Clear the Cache

Ensure TikTok is installed using the latest updated version by checking your app store for updates. 

If the issue still exists, consider restarting the application, clearing the cache, or reinstalling the app to remove any transient bugs.

Check Internet Speed 

The Tiktok app needs a steady internet connection to load and play high-quality videos, which requires approximately 5Mbps. If not, the app won’t be able to establish a connection with the server and automatically log you out. 

Make sure your internet connection is reliable. If you’re using Wi-Fi, try changing networks or, if available, utilizing mobile data. You can also try resetting your internet router to check if other programs or your internet browser work normally. 

Disable VPN

VPNs affect the application’s performance due to server location changes, distracting the connection speeds or region-based restrictions. 

Make sure to disable VPN to run your app smoothly. 

Contact TikTok’s Support Team 

Suppose none of these ways help you to resolve your issue. Try to contact the TikTok support team. 

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There are several reasons why users log out frequently on TikTok. It can be because of a recent upgrade to the program, technical difficulties, or security issues brought on by unwanted login attempts. Multiple device logins, network connectivity issues, check internet can also contribute to the problem. 

In order to stop TikTok from logging out users must ensure they have the latest app version, maintain login security to work smoothly. If the issue persists, consider contacting TikTok support team to resolve account-related issues.

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