21 Alternatives of MangaBuddy – Is MangaBuddy Safe?

Alternatives of MangaBuddy

Mangabuddy is an online manga reading website that allows its users to read their favorite manga without any charges. Yes, you read it right! Mangabuddy is an official website that gives access to your desired manga.

People who live outside Japan never had a chance to read manga without paying, but this website has made it possible for us to read manga just by clicking on the search bar and selecting our favorite category and genre.

Let’s look more inside this article to see what Mangabuddy has to offer us and what are the terms and conditions.

What Is MangaBuddy

Mangabuddy is an official manga reading website that is created solely for people like you and me who have an incredible love for manga and can’t take their eyes off while reading. This website also allows downloading a large number of manga, which means we can even enjoy manga offline.

There are no restrictions on this website, and they’ve even allowed commenting while reading. Mangabuddy doesn’t include any subscription charges, which means we just have to select the manga of our choice and enjoy reading. 

Along with this, Manga Buddy is also providing its users with premium quality elements, which are mostly not available on other manga reading websites. The best thing about this website is all the mangas are written in English, which makes this site more user-friendly.

How to Read Manga?

In Japan, manga(comic books) are usually written from left to right. Let me explain in simpler steps.

  • Select a manga and start reading from the top right to the bottom left.
  • This is the main rule of reading a manga.
  • It’s not like other English books that start from the top left and end on the bottom right. 
  • Manga reading is the opposite of reading English books. 

Is MangaBuddy Safe?

Yes, mangabuddy is a totally safe platform that doesn’t allow any promotional or paid pop-ups. This site doesn’t let any hacker attack the user interface or commit any fraud because of no ads and pop-ups. 

Mangabuddy is ready to provide its users with no interference experience. Not only this, mangabuddy doesn’t require any data or personal information to get access to the site. This means that this platform is safer than any other manga site because it keeps the users anonymous.

How to Download MangaBuddy APK App 

To download the Mangabuddy APK App, here are some easy steps.

  • Click on this link: https://apknic.com/
  • Click on the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Write mangabuddy and press enter.
  • After pressing enter, there will appear a logo of mangabuddy, and on the bottom left, there will be written apps.
  • Click on apps.
  • Then click on download.
  • Mangabuddy will start downloading. Once the downloading is complete, save it in a different folder.

21 Best Alternatives of Mangabuddy

Here is a list of 21 sites which are the same as mangabuddy. 


Mangachill is a website that provides its users with multiple genres. It is an alternative to mangabuddy. This website doesn’t charge any subscription or registration fees from its users.  


This is another free manga reading website that allows its users to read manga in  HD quality. Haremanga allows commenting, reacting, and sharing anime-related memes. From romance to action, comedy, and drama, they’re providing all genres. 



Toonily is a website created especially for manga lovers who enjoy reading manga without distraction. Toonily has made access to manga comics easier for its users by delivering the best and updated versions of all kinds of mangas.

Link: https://toonily.com/



Mangaforlife has an aesthetic display where all the latest manga releases are labeled at the front, and a column for top-rated manga is shown on the right. This makes the website organized and easy to access and select the desired mangas.

Link: https://mangaforfree.com/

Asura Scans


AsurScans is an HD-quality manga reading site where people of all age groups enjoy their favorite manga. They don’t have to switch sites in order to read manga because everything is available on a single website with updated versions of each.

site: https://asuratoon.com/



This website doesn’t only let its users read manga, but you can also watch your favorite manga online. Premium quality and ad-free videos are what they promise. Not only this, DuboKu is delivering its consumers 1000 of the latest manga every day. 

Link: https://duboku.ws/


Best newtoki alternatives

Zimanga is a reading manga and comics site that is updated every day with the latest manga. They provide high-quality images with full English translations to make them readable for all of its users. 



Muc Tau is another alternative to Mangabuddy, giving its users easy access to read manga online. The display of the site has everything written with clear fonts and graphics, which makes it easily accessible. Also, it’s free of cost. 



A promotion-free manga reading website, which also allows its users to download a variety of manga online. It’s a free-of-cost website that has been created especially for manga lovers. ManhuaScan doesn’t have any ads and pop-ups running on the display, which makes it much safer.

Link: https://manhuascan.io/



Mangahere Read your favorite mangas here. You can get access to all the updated versions of manga within one web. There are 100s of daily updated mangas with premium quality images. You can easily get access to manga on this website.

Link: https://m.mangahere.cc/manga/home/

Reaper Scans

Reaper Scans

ReaperScans is a website that is created by manga fans for manga fans. The reason for creating this website was to give access to all manga lovers who want to read manga for free. This platform has a wide range of mangas available.  

Link: https://reaperscans.com/


Manga Park

This is a free-of-cost and subscription-free manga site that helps people from all over the world read manga comics. MangaPark has been made user-friendly so that people can easily get access to it.   

Link: https://mangapark.io/



Mangastream is a manga web ready to capture all manga fans on one platform. Offering new sites, releases, and classic trends. Streaming the best manga here for the sake of manga lovers. 

Link: https://www.mangastream.fr/

WCO Forever


Wcco Forever is a manga comic website that gives its users multiple genre access without subscription and registration. They have all the recent updates of manga and are ready to serve with upcoming alerts, too. 

Manga See


Mangasee is another manga website that allows its users to read manga online. They are providing access to popular as well as less-known manga titles. It provides a convenient way to read manga to manga fans Worldwide.  

Link: https://mangasee123.com/

New Toki

Best newtoki alternatives

Newtoki is an online platform for reading manga. This website provides multiple titles and genres of manga. It is a user-friendly website allowing people to get access to their favorite titles easily. 

Web Toons


A website that provides users with multiple genres like romance, comedy, action, fantasy, horror, and much more. WebToons is giving its users a  safe place to read manga online. 


Mangago Read Manga Online For Free

Mangago allows users to read manga in English so that it is understandable by all. Its display and font are what attract the users because everything is aligned and easy to access without the hassle.  

Link: https://www.mangago.me/genre/Yaoi/4/?f=1&o=1&sortby=update_date&e=Doujinshi

Manga Kiss

Manga Kiss

A website designed for adults, mangakiss has made all adult mangas available on their site. They have sorted all the titles so that the user gets easy access to reading manga of their choice. Moreover, there are also comedy, action, drama, and other genres available. 

Link: https://mangakiss.org/

Kun Manga

Kun Manga

KunManga and Comics is an online, free-of-cost manga website that has the fastest updates with mostly full chapters available. It gives its users high-quality images by updating all the manga on a daily basis. 

Link: https://kunmanga.com/



Crunchyroll is an anime and manga reading/watching website that lets users enjoy manga for free. Users just have to log in to the Crunchyroll site and enjoy the best mangas of their choice. 

Link: https://www.crunchyroll.com/

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Mangabuddy is an online website that has more than thousands of manga updates. Not only this, it provides the users with easy access and free-of-cost manga reading.

It has all categories and genres on one platform to make it easy for the users.

Mangabuddy doesn’t have any restrictions on the website. Also, no ads and pop-ups are allowed on this site, so people can enjoy reading manga without any distractions.  

They give full access to the users to enjoy manga of their type.

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