S2manga: Read Thousands Of Latest Manga (Is It Safe?)


Manga reading passion is not limited to the Japanese only. Several people from all over the world are crazy fans of manga/manhwa. It is their hobby to read manga online because, in many countries, manga hardcopy is unavailable, so the only source to access manga is through websites. S2manga is one of those websites that have thousands of manga for its readers.

S2manga is famous worldwide for its quality collection and comics. It is indeed one of the best manga sites available. In this blog article, I will discuss many things about S2manga, including its benefits and competitors.

Let’s dive into the world of S2manga!

What is S2manga?

S2manga is a popular and fantastic website that allows users to access thousands of manga/manhwa or manhua. This website has comics of all genres, such as romantic, ecchi, tragedy, comedy, drama, psychological, action, adventure, sports, mystery, and many more.

S2manga categorized comics into new, popular, trending, ratings, and most viewed mangas. S2manga is providing all of it free of cost, but if you are generous enough to help this website grow more, you can send them donations through PayPal from their website.

How to Create an Account on S2manga?

S2manga allows users to read manga or manhwa for free without creating an account. Then why is it necessary for you to sign up? You must log in to comment below manga and be part of an exciting discussion and share your feedback and thoughts on that manga.

After creating an account, you will also have a separate history of the mangas you read, and you will get notified about important news related to S2manga. The process to create an account on S2manga is simple and includes the following steps:

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  • Visit the S2manga website using any browser
  • You will see a signup button at the top right corner of your screen,
  • Tap on signup and write your username, email, and password,
  • Verify your email,
  • Finally, your account will be created, and you can enjoy it.

The Library of Content on S2Manga

S2manga has over 8000 different comic content with almost every genre, including:

  • Horror(shadow house, blood and butterflies)
  • Supernatural(The raven duchess, The daughter of the elemental king)
  • Slice of life(Faking it in style, Overprotective lady)
  • Harem(I Realized Only After Losing Her, Release That Witch)
  • Psychological (Can We Become a Family, The Secret Queen)
  • Cooking(I Became the Chef of the Dragon King, What should we eat)
  • Martial Arts (The Emperor is a Woman, Am I Invincible)
  • School Life (Some Hairy Business, Yeon Woo’s Innocence)
  • Shounen Ai (Listen Attentively, Necromancer Survival)
  • Gender Bender(Circumstances of Switching Bodies, Elqueeness
  • Mecha(Return of Immortal Emperor, Kill the Dragon)
  • Drama(That Couple Has A Secret, Handmade)
  • Fantasy(Return of the Frozen Player, The White Lion’s Secret Bride)
  • Military(I Will Politely Decline The Male Lead, Lillian of Turin)
  • Shoujo(The Invincible Princess Is Bored Again Today, Savior)

S2Manga also has a vast collection of OEL (original English language) titles created by independent artists and often hasn’t been published anywhere else. Overall the library of S2manga is unique, and you can explore many new types of comics there.

Pros and Cons of S2manga

The S2manga website has some pros and cons that are mentioned below.


  • You can read manga for free,
  • S2manga has comics from around the globe, including Japanese, Chinese, and even OEL manga.
  • The website is easy to use and attractive, giving you a good experience.
  • Multiple varieties of manga genres are under one website.
  • A chance to discuss your thoughts in the comment section below every manga.
  • The history of your previous readings is saved so you can reread it.
  • It is a secure website.
  • You can contact S2manga for any queries and complaints through the email mentioned on their website.


  • Too many advertisements can ruin your experience.
  • Some user complains about the incorrect translation of the manga.

Is S2Manga Safe?

S2manga is a safe virus free website with thousands of users. It has a 99% trust score on the scam advisor website(a tool that analyzes website safety). You can read manga without getting worried about your online security.

Top 5 Alternatives of S2manga

S2manga has 191.6 million visitors, but it has many competitors doing similar work. Here are the top 5 alternatives of S2manga.

1. ManhwaTop:


483.1 M people visit the ManhwaTop website to read manga and manhwa of versatile genres. Manhwatop has a discord account where you can discuss manga stories and find people with similar interests. This website also has a donation option.


2. Manga4life


Manga4life has 241.6 M visitors and has more than 5000 manga comics. On this website, local people can also upload comics. You can find manga of every genre on Manga4life–an easy-to-use free website.

Link to the site 

3. Zinmanga:


Zinmanga is another manga reading website with 625.3 M visitors. You can find many mangas on the website of Zinmanga, and if you want to read a novel, you can visit their Zinnovel website. The best feature of this website is that it allows you to request a new manga and report any website bug.

Link to the site 

4. Webtoon XYZ:

Webtoon XYZ

Webtoon XYZ is a manga-reading website available to all manga fans. Webtoon XYZ also has a mobile application supported by iOs and downloaded from App Store. The website has a feature of dark and light themes according to your preference.


5. Crunchyroll:


Crunchyroll is an American website owned by Sony Group Corporation. You can watch anime and read manga online on this website. Manga reading is free, but you must subscribe to premium Crunchyroll for other features.

Link to the site 

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Final Thoughts

S2manga is a legitimate and popular website with millions of visitors. S2manga provides us with our favorite mangas online, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay for them. Having different types of comics on one website allows you to explore the world of manga. So, what are you waiting for? Visit S2manga and find new trending manga of any genre you like.

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