Reaperscan Review, Alternates And Its Competitors.


Many people are fans of manga which are Japanese comic books. But some people like to watch anime. Reading manga is more fun than watching anime; what are your thoughts? People still love to read manga, even after anime. Manga reading can release your stress and give you an unforgettable experience. Reaperscan, an online manga website, has 16.5 million visitors. This website has many competitors, including Asura Scan.

In this article, I will write everything about reaperscan and its competitors. Let’s find out more about Reaperscan.

What is Manga?

“Manga” comes from the Chinese language, which means “impromptu drawings.” They are Japanese comic books with stories and animated pictures. Sometimes the writer and illustrator of the manga are the same people. The illustration of manga is unique; manga artists originally designed every character’s facial features.

Reaperscan Introduction

Reaperscan is a free online website to read thousands of mangas in one place. Reaper Scan provides all manga fans with almost every famous manga of several genres, including horror, rom-com, fantasy, and much more. They also have a discord server where users can share their experience reading novels or comics. You can also send them money on PayPal to support their website.

The reaperscan website was designed and developed by friends in 2008. They used the scanlation technique through which they provided clear and easy-to-read manga. One of the best things about this website is the layout and user-friendly system.

Website Link

How to Read Manga on Reaperscan?

Follow these easy steps to read manga online on Reaperscan:

  • Visit their website, and you will see a search bar.
  • You can search for specific novels or comics by writing the name,
  • The homepage will show the latest uploads of novels, comics, and today’s picks.
  • Reaperscan website also has the option to sign in; you can sign in by giving your email and setting a password,
  • Reading manga without signing in is possible,
  • You will see a comment section below every comic or novel where you can share your thoughts about the story.

Pros And Cons of Reaperscan

Reaperscan gives users many benefits, but it also has some cons. Following are the pros and cons of reading a comic or novel from this free online website:


  • You can read all of your favorite comics in one place,
  • Discussing the story after reading a novel is a must, and you can do this in the comment section of reaperscan,
  • Attractive design and layout,
  • Easy to use website,
  • Several genres of comics on one website,
  • Reading without creating an account on the website,
  • You can also track manga on reaperscan by creating an account on Kenmie.


  • Multiple ads on the website will annoy you,
  • Reading a book or novel from a mobile or desktop can damage your eyesight,
  • Hardcopies of comics and novels are always better than e-copy,
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Top 5 Competitors of Reaperscan

Several similar websites provide free manga to read online, like Reaperscan. Here are the Top 5 Competitors of Reaperscan:

1. Asurascans

Screenshot 2023 03 23T174507.238

Asurascans has 117.3 M visitors, which is very similar to Reaperscan. On the homepage, you will see a language option to select a language between English and Turkey.

Go to this website

2. Manganato

Screenshot 2023 03 23T174555.230 11zon

104.1 M people visit Manganato, a free manga and webtoons website. Manganato also has a mobile application that makes it more accessible for you to read a manhwa.

Go to this website

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3. Aqua Manga

Screenshot 2023 03 23T174835.233 11zon

Aqua Manga has 23.2 M visitors till now; This website uses the Digital Millennium Copyright Act policy to save itself from copyright complaints.

Go to this website

4. Manga4life

Screenshot 2023 03 23T192312.214 11zon

This scanlation website has 4.1 M visitors. The best thing about Manga4life is that they have arranged manga/ manhwa alphabetically.

Go to this website

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5. Luminousscans

Screenshot 2023 03 23T192530.883 11zon

It is another manga-reading website with 9.8M visitors. Luminousscans also has a discord server like Reaper Scans, but its website shows too many ads, which will irritate you.

Go to this website

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Final Thoughts

For any comic enthusiast, Reaperscan is an absolute blessing. Even though there are many competitors in the market, this website stands out due to the plethora of benefits it offers. The website’s dedicated discord server provides a fantastic platform to connect with other manga fans.

What’s more, the website is incredibly user-friendly, which means that even those who are not tech-savvy can easily navigate and use the website. And the cherry on top? It’s completely free to use! So, if you’re a fan of comics and manga, there’s no reason you shouldn’t check out Reaperscan today.

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