Who is the man behind the delphi murders leaked texts?

Delphi murders leaked texts

Two girls named Abigail and Liberty went to Monon High Bridge in their hometown of Delphi. They were coming to their hometown after school. Abigail was 13 years old, whereas Liberty German was 14 years old. Abigail’s nickname was Abby, whereas Liberty’s German nickname was Libby. Unfortunately, they were murdered on February 13, 2017, when they returned from school. Keep in mind that they posted some updates on Snapchat in the early afternoon hours on their way back home. After posting, they were not seen or heard again on Snapchat.

Tragic death of Abigail and Liberty German

After 2 hours, they were reported missing as they were not showing up for their ride home. A half-mile away from the bridge, their bodies were discovered the next day. People are still talking about their tragic murder even after 4 years because very little evidence has been released about the case. Still, the investigators were not able to reveal the cause of death.

According to investigators, the details of a crime scene show a signature that is very helpful to identify the killer. Keep in mind that Delphi town is a very small town having only 3000 residents. People usually know each other where there is a very small population. Unfortunately, if there are murderers in that locality, it generally affects many locals.

Video of the killer

You will be surprised to know that Libby German took a video of that man when the killer followed both girls. Keep in mind that the killer was walking behind Abby and Libby on the bridge. According to investigators, the man behind both the girls was a killer. You can hear that the killer was saying guys down the hill. It was a short video where the investigators created two composite sketches based on the evidence.

Along with the video, text messages about the evidence were also popular and circulated online. Those text messages are very important regarding the case. These messages also indicate some of the evidence kept under wraps.

After 3 years of the incident

Unfortunately, when this incident took place, everyone was worried and shocked about the situation. But the most panic thing is that police were unable to find the killer and collect the evidence in these three years. They just collected very little evidence in the last three years about this tragic death of innocent teenage girls. The cause of the death is unknown, and investigators are still trying to discover the cause.

They were searching about what happened at the crime scene; however, they found a signature there, hoping that it would be helpful for them in the future. As I also discussed earlier, Delphi is a small town having only 3,000 people, so I know very well about that incident. So people are very well aware, and it has left great remarks in the people’s lives. The people of Delphi are hoping that the murderer must be found out.

What are those leaked Delphi murders leaked texts messages about?

Now, the people are also talking about Delphi’s leaked text messages. Keep in mind that these messages started circulating in 2020, through which the investigators are going to get the murder. Keep in mind that these messages were revealed by the YouTube channel ZavGirl where the video’s title was text messages from the guy that found Abby and Libby.

Most surprisingly,  people watched this video more than 18000 times. Due to Delphi’s leaked messages, people are getting involved in the case daily. This is the main reason the case is becoming mysterious with time. According to recent news, a friend messaged a man named David. He claimed that he had found the dead bodies. But unfortunately, they wrote a message that was not Abby and Libby. 

Discussion about Abby and Libby’s dead bodies

Later on, he discussed the dead bodies of Abby and Libby at the Crime scene. He said that both the victims were not sexually assaulted as this information has never been revealed publicly. He also told in detail the information about the crime scene and also discussed the difference in their apparent injuries on the other side.

Video of the crime scene: Cause of death rumors

However, the investigators are not disclosing all information about the Delphi murders. However, no man gets the information about how the death of these two girls happened. David talked about the leaked text messages, who said that the girls died from stabbing. According to him, it looks that Libby German has been attacked according to the extent of her injuries. So the investigators made it clear that they would not reveal any more information about the teens about what happened to them. However, due to this, many people do not know about the final moments.

More information about the killer

Many people are curious to get more information about the killer. When Libby German and Abby Williams were murdered, investigators did not arrest anyone. However, the FBI provides much information about the suspect. According to the FBI, he is a white guy having a height between 5 foot 6 inches to 5 foot 8 inches. According to the video, the murderer was wearing blue jeans and a blue jacket. However,  in April 2019, the sketch of the murderer was released. However, after that, the investigators did not reveal any information publicly.

Who is the person behind the Delphi murders leaked texts?

After 2 years, there was a shocking turn in the Delphi murders when the leaked text message was obtained from the person believed to be the murderer. Unfortunately, the investigators were unable to get the killer for much longer. But now, due to these Delphi leaked messages, investigators now found the man who is the murderer. These messages are very helpful in solving the case of the man who killed the teenagers.

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Frequently asked questions

Where the suspect of Delphi Murdered live?

Keep in mind that the Delphi murders leaked text case was unsolved for years. Unfortunately, two teenage girls were found dead in their car where investigators did not know about the killer’s name. According to the police, the suspect was from Delphi, California. The police superintendent stated that the killer is still living in California and regularly visits it. These teenage girls were studying in 8th grade at Delphi community middle school.

Are Delphi leaked messages real?

DE and AW confirmed the Delphi murder leaked text messages in an interview with Jason Herbert. However, they did not talk much about the text messages but confirmed that they came from him. When he was texting these messages, he was in the party that found the girls and being a first responder.

What does the crime scene tell us? 

There are many things in the case from which we can assess additional evidence. If we gather all these things, we can preview a general picture of what happened that day. For example, you can get the clues from the phone, and Delphi leaked text messages regarding the condition of the bodies. However, the texts may not be completely reliable, but they tell you many things about the incident.

Final words

Although many people are waiting for the end of the case, they also wish to get this mystery solved as early as possible. The reason is that if this case were solved, then the people of Delphi could breathe in a safe zone. It is, therefore, the wish of many people that this case would be solved and they get justice.

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