Good Website Names: 5 Mistakes to Avoid


Good website names are critical for success in modern business. Yet most new businesses build a new website using their company name.Don’t get by with a generic name for your business website. It represents you and will make all the difference in most users, whether they become customers or not.You need to stand out and inspire trust. The following are five mistakes to avoid when picking the right name for your new good website.

1. Choosing an Unacceptable Domain Name

When choosing a web domain name, there are certain pitfalls you need to be aware of and avoid. Avoid picking a domain name that is too long, complicated, and hard to remember.Avoid using symbols, numbers, or hyphens. These are more confusing and difficult to remember. Check that the domain name is not already taken and is yours to use.

2. No Accounting for Potential Trademark Issues

When choosing a website name, it is critical to consider potential trademark issues that could arise. While many creative and unique business website names are available, potential trademark holders can sue for trademark infringement.Always check if the name is under a trademark to avoid this possible mistake. It is critical to avoid using names, words, phrases, or logos like those of existing companies.

3. Opting for an Unmemorable Website Name

When selecting a website name, it is critical to consider the potential mistakes to avoid. Unmemorable website names can make it difficult for consumers to remember and connect with your brand.You want a website name that is creative yet easy to remember and stands out in the online search engine. Choosing something random or obscure will make it much more difficult for consumers to connect with your website and bring in more business.

4. Neglecting to Check the Availability of Other Platforms

One mistake to avoid when choosing a website name is neglecting to check the availability of the name on other platforms. For example, if you choose a name already used on popular social media, potential customers may find the wrong account and get confused.

Additionally, email providers like Gmail can limit your efforts to reach customers if the address is already in use. Checking availability on other platforms before settling on a website name can help ensure success in the long run.

5. Not Using the Proper Format

Using the proper format can affect the name of your website. PNG is a type of raster image composed of pixels. It is for images with many details in them.

SVG is a vector image that consists of shapes, points, and lines and is for more basic graphics and logos. If you name your website with a PNG file, some search algorithms may block it due to an image size issue.

If you choose an SVG file, your website name is likely to appear at the top of search engine results as the file size is smaller and better to index. It is better to convert PNG to SVG for a better user experience.

Invest in Choosing Good Website Names

When choosing good website names for your business, it’s critical to consider vital elements. Avoid common mistakes such as picking an unclear name or failing to protect your brand.

Take the time to research your desired name and purchase the appropriate domain name to protect your online presence. To get started, contact an authorized domain registrar today and secure the perfect website name for your business.

Are you ready to find the perfect name for your website? Check out more of our guides to learn all you can today!

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