I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game.

I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game

The book “I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game” is not just a fancy title; it is a door that opens to a world full of unusual lessons, exciting challenges, and a chance for things to get better.

This story is about a boy named Philip who may not seem a significant character, but he holds a hidden talent, he is exceptionally skilled with a sword. Surprisingly, he takes on the role of a teacher at the prestigious Privia Academy, a high-profile school.

As the story unfolds, Philip’s past and how he ended up in this unusual game world is like a puzzle for us to solve. So, let us talk about this story in detail. Stay tuned to learn more about it.

What is the Synopsis of the Story?

What is the Synopsis of the Story

Imagine going into a game, not as a hero, but as Philip, a noble thought to be not so important. But Philip has a secret, memories, and skills from a real master swordsman. With this hidden talent, he does not follow the expected path and becomes a “crazy” teacher at a famous school called Privia Academy.

Philip’s special way of teaching, thanks to his secret skills, makes his students do more than they thought they could. It challenges what they can do physically and what they thought was true. In this new world, Philip deals with not just today’s problems but also tries to understand how he ended up in this game and faces things from his past.

As Philip solves the mystery of why he is in the game, he becomes a big part of a journey that could change the whole story of the game. This adventure, mixing different ways of teaching, finding oneself, and trying to make up for past mistakes, gives readers a captivating story that goes beyond what you might expect from a game or a story.

What are the Key Characters of the Story?

What are the Key Characters of the Story

Now, let us discuss the key characters of the story:


Philip is the main character. At first, people do not think much of him; they call him a “trashy” noble. But secretly, he is really good at using a sword because he was a master swordsman in another life. This surprise turns him into the “crazy” instructor who does things differently. His unique personality and strange teaching methods make the story interesting and full of growth.


The students at Privia Academy are a mix of different people with various talents and reasons for being there. Philip’s unusual way of teaching pushes them to do more than they thought they could. 

Some students like his methods, but others do not, creating a mix of personalities and challenges in the school. This mix of characters makes the school not just a place to learn but also a space where everyone changes and grows.

Academy Staff and Administration

The teachers and people in charge at Privia Academy also play a big part. Some support Philip because they see his potential and like his different way of teaching. On the other hand, some people do not like it because they feel threatened by his unique methods. 

There might even be some who want to keep things the way they are, creating problems for Philip. The interactions among these characters make the story more complex within the school’s setting.

Additional Characters

Besides the main group, other people in the story make it more interesting. Mentors help and advise Philip, making his journey unique. Some characters have secret plans, which adds mystery and makes the story exciting.

There are also parts in the story where romantic feelings come in, making Philip’s journey more emotional. Each extra person in the story adds something special, like different relationships, challenges, and unexpected friendships. All these things together make the whole story much more interesting and complete.

What is the Themes of the Story?

What is the Themes of the Story

Let us discuss the themes of the story now:

Challenging Destiny

The story really wants readers to think about not just doing what everyone thinks should happen but making their own decisions. Philip’s journey shows him and his students that they can beat limits and choose what they want in the future. Even when things do not go as planned, the story wants us to see how strong it is to go against what is already decided.

Unique Teaching Style

Philip teaches differently, not following what most people think is normal. He shows us that it is important to be yourself. When he succeeds, it makes us rethink the regular ways of teaching and tells us to be ready for new and creative ways of learning.

As the story goes on, Philip’s special way of teaching does not just give information but also makes us feel inspired. It creates a place where being different and thinking in new and creative ways is seen as something good.

Redemption and Growth

In this story, both Philip and his students take trips to learn more about themselves and beat the things that are hard for them. Philip deals with and learns from the mistakes he made before, making the story about making up for past wrongs.

At the same time, his students have their problems to solve, making the story very interesting about people becoming better. Even when things are tough, the characters change and get better, telling us that growing and getting better is something that keeps happening.

The Power of Passion

Philip really loves sword fighting, and that love is like a strong energy. It does not just help him on his journey, but it also inspires the people near him. This idea shows us that having a strong love for something can make a big difference. 

Philip is really dedicated to being good at sword fighting, and this dedication has a ripple effect, meaning it can make a little wave that might influence the whole world in the story. The story wants to tell us that when you really, really love something, it can bring important changes, not just for one person but for everyone around.

A Deeper Look at Themes and Characters

While the summary gives a general idea, there are interesting hints suggesting more:

Possible Isekai Elements

Being stuck in a game world might bring in fantasy and a completely new world. It could mean unexpected adventures and exploring a place with its own rules and mysteries.

Comedy and Action

The word “crazy” in the title suggests a mix of humor and thrilling action scenes. It means the story could be both fun and exciting, perfect for readers who enjoy a good laugh and some adventure.

Memories and Skills

The mystery about where Philip’s sword skills come from adds layers to his character. Finding out more about his abilities could uncover hidden parts of his past and explain why he is so good at what he does.

Game’s Secrets

Philip’s journey might involve figuring out how the game works and why it exists. It adds a mystery layer, making readers wonder about the true nature of the game world. Anticipate surprises and discoveries that change how we see the story.

These elements promise to make the story more interesting, giving readers a deeper experience beyond the initial plot.

A Warm Welcome to Read an Exciting Story

“I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game” is not just a regular book; it is an invitation to step into a unique world. This story invites you to explore a place where doing things differently helps you grow, where going against what is expected is thrilling, and where strong feelings can create surprising changes.

So, if you are ready to jump into a story full of possibilities, start this adventure. Figure out what makes Philip’s “crazy” journey special. Take a chance on this captivating story. Every page holds a promise to show you something new, and each chapter reveals another part of the amazing tale. 

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“I Became a Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor in the Game” is not just a regular story; it is an invitation to a place with lots of interesting lessons and exciting challenges. The main character, Philip, is kind of different because he is secretly really good at using a sword, and he becomes a “crazy” teacher at Privia Academy.

As the story goes on, we get to learn more about Philip’s past and why he is in this strange game world. The different characters in the story, especially the students at Privia Academy, make things more interesting. Everyone is growing and changing in their way.

So, if you are up for a story full of surprises and interesting things, give this adventure a try. It promises to show you new things on every page and reveal more about the amazing journey of Philip.

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