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That Which Flows By

Discover the amazing world of “That Which Flows,” a popular Korean webtoon filled with romance, fantasy, and adventure. If you have not heard about it, you have come to the right place. 

There is a person named Yeon who has some cool powers over energy. He is dealing with all the tricky things that happen in palaces. You would not be able to stop reading because you will want to know if Yeon can handle his powers.

The drawings are super colorful, the characters are interesting, and there are even some funny things in there. “That Which Flows” will grab your attention and take you on a cool adventure. In this article, we will tell you about this story in detail, so continue reading to learn more.

Key Characters and The Story of That Which Flows By

Key Characters and The Story of That Which Flows By

First, let us look into the key characters of this story. 


Yeon is like the heart of the group. He is good at using water magic and is a kind and brave friend. His gentle ways and ability to heal bring hope to everyone. With his water powers, he can protect and make things better, both for the body and the heart.


Meet Lisesharte, the friend full of energy. She is excellent at using fire magic and can do both attacking and defending well. Even though she seems strong, she has a kind heart that cares a lot about fairness and doing what is right.


Jueki is like the anchor of the group, keeping things steady. He is a calm and smart friend who is great at using earth magic. With his clever thinking, he can make the groundwork in their favor during battles. Jueki’s like the stabilizing force when everything gets a bit chaotic.

Now, let us talk about how they look. Yeon wears blue, showing his water power. Lisesharte has fiery red hair and moves with lots of energy. Jueki is calm, and his colors are earthy.

Together, these three friends go on adventures, using their magical powers to protect the kingdom and help people out.

As they have loads of exciting adventures, the three friends face tough enemies who want to mess up the kingdom. But with their bravery and teamwork, they take on these challenges and make the magical world of “That Which Flows” shine even brighter.

If you are into cool stories with magic, friendship, and exciting adventures, “That Which Flows” is where it is at. The drawings are fantastic, and the characters are cool, making it a must-read. So, get ready for a magical journey and enjoy the fantastic world of That Which Flows.

The Visual Feast of That Which Flows By

The Visual Feast of That Which Flows By

Come with me into the world of “That Which Flows.” It is not just a story; it is a colorful painting that comes alive. The drawings are so pretty and full of life, making it a treat for your eyes.

The colors they use in “That Which Flows” are like magic. They paint the pages with bright colors that show how the characters feel. Sometimes, it is calm and peaceful, like looking at a quiet lake. Other times, it is all energetic and intense, especially during big battles.

The characters in this story are like pieces of art, too. Each one looks different, showing who they are and the cool things they can do. Yeon, who can control water, wears flowing blue clothes that match his powers. Lisesharte, the one with fire magic, has fiery red hair and moves with a lot of energy. Jueki, the earth mage, is calm and has earthy colors all around him.

But it is not just the characters; the places they go to are also drawn so well. You can see forests, lakes, big castles, and busy cities like you are right there with them. Even the magic parts look amazing. Water flows, fire crackles, and earth moves, all drawn so you can feel the magic happening.

In simple words, “That Which Flows” is like a magical painting that tells a fantastic story. The pretty drawings, the unique characters, and the beautiful backgrounds all make it a wonderful experience. This story is like a gentle adventure that you can enjoy without any worries.

Special Moments in That Which Flows By

Special Moments in That Which Flows By

In the cool adventures and magical battles of That Which Flows, some nice moments make you feel warm inside. These moments show a bit more about the characters, why they do what they do, and how strong their friendships are.

Yeon Being Nice

When things get tough, Yeon does something nice by helping a person who got hurt. This shows that Yeon is a caring person and that understanding and helping others, even when it is 

hard, is powerful.

Lisesharte Opening Up

Lisesharte, who usually acts tough, shows a softer side when she talks about her worries with her friends. It is like seeing a different side of her, and it makes you feel closer to her and the group.

Jueki Being Supportive

Jueki, a calm and smart friend, always supports others, even when they doubt themselves. Having someone who believes in you all the time is important, and Jueki shows how that support can make you stronger.

Unexpected Turns in That Which Flows By

Unexpected Turns in That Which Flows By

These surprises make the story interesting. It is a book full of unexpected things that keep you wanting to read more. Every chapter brings something new and exciting.

Surprising Friendships

In the story, the friends team up with people they did not trust at first. This makes them realize that sometimes friends can come from unexpected places. It is like a nice surprise that shows being open to new friends is a good thing.

Secret Plans and Mysteries

Some characters in the story have secret plans and hidden reasons. This makes the story mysterious and keeps everyone wondering what will happen next. It is like a puzzle with secrets that everyone wants to solve.

Facing Unexpected Problems

The friends have to deal with problems that come out of nowhere. These surprise challenges make them use their smarts and strengths in new ways. It is like a game where they have to figure things out as they go.

Important Ideas in That Which Flows By

Here are some main points that this story highlights:

Being Good Friends

The story is all about how Yeon, Lisesharte, and Jueki are super good friends. They stick together and help each other no matter what. Even when things are hard, they show that true friends can handle anything.

Being Brave and Not Giving Up

When things get tricky, the trio does not give up. They are really brave and never stop trying. This teaches us that, even when things seem tough, we can find strength inside ourselves. It is like a lesson to face fears and keep going.

Using Power the Right Way

As the characters get stronger, they understand that having power means they need to use it in a good way. They learn that having special abilities comes with a responsibility to help and protect others. It is like saying that being strong is about making good choices.

Balancing Our Goals and Helping Others

The characters grow and change, and they also learn about finding a balance. They figure out how to follow their dreams but also make sure it helps everyone around them. This balance is a big part of the story, showing that both getting better yourself and making things better for others is important.

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Dive into the amazing world of That Which Flows, where magic, friendship, and exciting adventures await. Come along with Yeon, the kind water mage, Lisesharte, the spirited fire mage, and Jueki, the calm earth mage, as they go on a fun quest to help the kingdom and those who need it.

Enjoy the beautiful artwork that makes the magical world come alive, taking you to a place full of magic and wonder. See how the three friends stick together through thick and thin, showing how being different is a good thing.

Get ready for surprises in the story that keep things interesting, making you excited to find out what happens next.

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