How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path– Spoilers

How To Get On The Main Character Flower's Path– Spoilers

Do you ever want to reincarnate as a character in your favorite novel? Sounds impossible, yet interesting, right? “How to Get on the Main Character Flower’s Path” manhwa is based on the same fantasy of every comic enthusiast.

It is a famous web novel with positive reviews on every website. The story and illustration are mind-blowing, which leaves the reader in awe. This blog will tell you everything about “How to Get on the Main Character Flower’s Path,” including its review. Get ready for the spoilers!

Overview Of “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”

“How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path” is a Korean web novel, also called Manhwa. It has blended several genres, such as Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Reverse Harem, Romance, School Life, and Game Elements. 라몽라몽(Lamonglamong) is the author of this fantasy comic. Artist (숙자) SUKJA illustrates the characters and scenes of the manhwa. It was released in 2023, which is why the translated version is not available easily. This ongoing story has 167 chapters with twists and turns. 

The story is about a female character, Kang Nahyeon, who is determined to help his orphanage and provide for her siblings. As she enters the Guardian Academy, she starts playing the role of a cheerful, naive student, hoping to get close to Siwoo and Yuhan. Little does she know her life is about to change in unexpected ways. She will navigate the challenges of this magical world with new friends.

The Storyline Of “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”

When our female protagonist woke up, she found herself in a modern fantasy novel she used to read. She remembered the story of the novel, which was about a character named Kang Nahyeon. But the twist is that Nahyeon is not the hero; she’s just a regular person awakened as a “Sniper.” After knowing this fact, Nahyeon feels anxious because this job requires money and networking. She has to figure out how to survive in this fantasy world.

Kang Nahyeon notices a famous student, Na Yuhan. He has a reputation as a ragged character from an influential family. Nahyun decides to befriend him so that she can survive in this academy. Her role is to secure her place in this new world without having any special abilities. She introduced herself as a government-supported awakener who the government has supported to awaken special qualities. Na Yuhan is an awakener from the “awakened society,” which is formed by prestigious families.

The environment of the Guardian Academy is like every other school. Students are friendly and share a sense of hope for their new lives as awakeners. Kang Nahyeon is placed in F-class and given room to love with basic furniture. In chapter 4, she earns points because of her successful friendship with Na Yuhan. She is now the main character of the story. Basically, this manhwa has a gaming element where the character must earn points to survive.

The Main Characters Of  “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”

“How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path” has several characters with different personalities. Here are some of the main characters introduced in the starting chapter of this manhwa:

Kang Nahyeon

Our MC is reincarnated inside the novel as a girl, “Kang Nahyeon.” She has a sweet personality but a sharp mind. Kang Nahyeon is an orphan and loved his siblings at an orphanage. She has a competitive personality with beautiful light brown hair and green eyes.

Na Yuri

Na Yuri is another main character of the comic and a famous girl in Awakening Academy. The announcer introduced her as the most prestigious and talented girl in the Na family. She is famous for her family background but also because of her talents.


Kanghoon is the younger sibling of Nahyeon. He is portrayed as a loving brother. His personality is childish and naughty. Despite his mischievous nature, Kanghoon always manages to bring joy and laughter to his sister Nahyeon’s life.

Na Yuhan

Na Yuhan is a scammer hero, which means he helps people sometimes but has a negative personality. He is popular among the awakened society, like a celebrity. Na Yuhan’s appearance is attractive. He is a charming guy with black hair and white skin.

Understanding The Importance Of MC In “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”

The female protagonist wants to stay close to the story’s main characters, but why? Here are the reasons:

Access To Information:

If Nahyeon is a part of the main character’s circle, she can gain valuable insights into the novel’s world. This information can be essential for survival and success in the awakened society.


The main character (Hero / Heroine) often takes on adversaries and navigates dangerous situations. So, our female protagonist can take advantage of its strength in survival.

Resource Sharing:

Heroic characters such as Na Yuhan have resources such as rare items and wealth. These things are required for Kang Nahyeon to buy unique weapons and abilities. The main characters share their resources within the circle.


Staying close to leading roles introduces Nahyeon to a network of influential people. They can open doors to opportunities and alliances. These things are impossible for her without the help of MC.

Character Growth:

In many manga, the MC invests in and supports their allies’ growth. Nahyeon can benefit from this mentorship. It will also improve her abilities and skills as she journeys alongside the main character.

Plot Advancement:

It can also help drive the story forward and keep Nahyeon in the spotlight. She can remain involved in the key plot developments and events in the story.

Reviews Of “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”

“How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path” is receiving positive feedback from the readers. You can find many comments and discussions about this comic on different platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. It also has a 4.7-star rating on Novelupdates. One person wrote, “I love this! The plot is good, and I really like the premise. It’s definitely one of my favorites. I definitely recommend this. I like that they have different POVs; it makes it a lot more interesting, I think.”

It’s a must-read for everyone who is into school romance and love game elements in comics. People are saying that they have read high-quality manhwa after a long time. You cannot find a single negative review about this story, which shows the quality of this manhwa.

Where To Read “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path”?

The translated version of “How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path” is unavailable on most of the famous manga reading websites. However, you can read it from Readhive. This website has translated the whole manhwa for its users. You can read it without sign up or fees. It is a free website for comic freaks. Additionally, you can comment below the manhwa to share your thoughts, but you must log in to access this feature.

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Final Thoughts:

“How To Get On The Main Character Flower’s Path” is one of the popular manhwa of 2023. The plot is engaging and has a lot of twists. You will start enjoying the story from the first chapter. It is about the concept of reincarnation as a novel character and surviving in that world. Additionally, this manhwa has a touch of romance, adventure, and school-life struggles. You can read it on Readhive to know more about the journey of getting on the main character Flower’s path.

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