The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1–Spoilers And Reviews

Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1–Spoilers

If you are into royalty Romance Manga, you will love the flower of veneration. It gained a lot of popularity shortly after its release. The story has beautifully blended revenge, love story, and royalty. 

This blog will tell you about the story Line of The Flower of Veneration, including its main characters. We will also explain everything about chapter 1 of the manga and give a short overview of the storyline. So, Stay tuned with me to delve into the romantic tale of love!  

Overview Of The Flower Of Veneration

The Flower of Veneration is a comic that shows a love story between two royal individuals. It is also uploaded as “Flower of Worship” on some websites.  This manga encompasses a variety of genres, including Fantasy, Romance, Royalty, Revenge, and Drama. 

It was released in January 2023 and has been popular since then. The original story writer of this web novel is “AB,” however, “MAGMA” has rewritten it as a comic. “Sayosae” is the illustrator of The Flower of Veneration. In addition, it is an ongoing novel and has 44 chapters released as of September 2023. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

Main Characters Of The Flower Of Veneration

The whole story of this web novel has many important characters. However, the leading characters have been introduced in the first few chapters. Here are the following:

Cecylia Zi Saryan

Lady Cecylia is the MC of the story. She is the liege Hearthtread Knight order and is the heiress to the Dukedom. This character has a strong, fearless personality with a vengeance in her. The artist beautifully illustrates her, and she has beautiful long red hair and golden eyes.

Ethan Zi Groslan

He is the Crown Prince of the kingdom. Ethan faced a tragic accident at age 6, and people thought he died. This character shows great development throughout the story. He evolved a lot from the age of 11 in the first chapter till chapter 44, where he rightfully claimed the throne.

Illyd Zi Saryan

Ilyd is Cecylia’s father and the former Duke of his kingdom. His personality is demonstrated as a cruel man who does not care about anyone except her daughter. Illyd Zi Saryan always does whatever he likes, no matter what the circumstances.

The Grand Duke of Irsias

The current ruler of the realm is known for his iron-fisted rule and ruthless tactics. It was under his direct command that the Duke of Saryan was killed. It was due to a political power struggle that has plagued the realm for years. 

Sophia And Chris

Sophia and Chris are the knights that always guard Lady Cecylia. Sophia is a commoner but the rarest to find “A Wizard Swordsman.” She has a naive personality, although she is a lord with her own estate.

Chris is also translated as Claise on many manga-reading websites. He is the second son of pro-royal count Ortho. Chris has light purple hair, a muscular body, with an angry face.

The Plot Of “The Flower Of Veneration”

The plot of “The Flower Of Veneration” is about a woman (Lady Cecylia) struggling to get acceptance by her relatives after becoming a new lord and a crown prince (Ethan Groslan) trying to take back his rightful throne. In this novel, Lady Cecylia helps Ethan to reclaim his throne, which leads to a romantic connection between them. Cecylia is also trying to maintain order and balance in her kingdom after the suspicious death of her father. This tale of vengeance and the fight for the throne is also full of romance and love between our leading characters. 

The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 1

The first chapter of Flowers of Veneration/ Worships has covered these important events:

Death Of Cecylia’s Father:

The story starts with showing an angry woman (Lady Cecylia) walking toward the corridor towards her father’s room. She opens the door and walks with a clenched fist to the bed of his father, Illyd Zi Saryan. Lady Cecylia asks the royal servants about the cause of the death. She suspects that it was not a natural death and it could be poison or a curse. Not a single servant replies with clarification. They aren’t making eye contact with Cecylia. One of the doctors says that the autopsy showed no sign of poisoning. She orders the servants to prepare for the funeral and tells her knights to find the culprit behind her father’s death.

The Behavior Of Her Relatives:

Lady Cecylia is the only heir to the throne after her father died. However, her relatives are not going to accept that easily. They always misbehaved with her and told her that she was inferior because of her gender. Illyd always took a stand for her when he was alive, but now that he is gone, no one is here to support her. She has all the legal right to take the throne.

Announcement To Take The Throne:

When she is walking in her palace, she overhears people talking behind her back. They are discussing the next lord of the house of Saryan. According to them, Lady Cecylia is not able to manage this huge manor all by herself because she is a woman. After hearing everything, Lady Cecylia opened the door with confidence and said, “I am the new liege and lord of this castle.”

The Flower Of Veneration Chapter 2-3

Chapter 2 and 3 of this manga has a lot of twists and the introduction of male leading character. Here are the spoilers:

The Order Of Hearthtread:

Heathtread is an order of mercenary knights who were gathered together to safeguard their freedom. They guard their liberty and always keep their contracts. There is an order with a legacy of over 200 years and currently belongs to the House of Saryan. Lady Cecylia must lead Heathtread by following the rules.

Introduction to Ethan:

The former duke of the house of Saryan locked up an 11-year-old boy in a stable at his palace. All the servants think that he is the bastard heir of the duke. However, the reality is different. Ethan is the crown prince of Groslan, and his full name is Ethan Zi Groslan. He faced a tragic incident at the age of six; he drowned in a lake. Everyone thought he died, but he somehow survived the accident. 

Lady Cecylia And Ethan:

Cecylia Zi Saryan aims to help Ethan in taking back his throne. She gives her food and a proper place to live in her palace. Lady Cecylia does not understand why her father kept Ethan in a bad condition. She plans to compensate for her father’s behavior.

What Is Unique About The Flower Of Veneration Chapter?

The way MAGMA has written chapter 1 of The Flower Of Veneration is unique and mind-blowing. He captured the readers from the first page of this comic. The plot is captivating, and the characters’ introductions are also interesting. Chapter 1 of “The Flower of Veneration” engages the readers in the story by balancing plot and character development. Additionally, the art of this comic is attractive and eye-catching, which gives an excellent impression at first glance.

Reviews Of The Flower Of Veneration 

The Flower of Veneration is a new series, and not everyone has read it. However, people love the concept and give excellent reviews of this novel on different platforms, such as

Anime Planet and Reddit. The majority of fans have no complaints about the art and story of this comic. However, some of the readers do not like the concept of a romantic angle between our MC with an age gap of 13 years. They say that it is inappropriate to promote it in a novel that teenagers also read.

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Final Thoughts: 

The Flower Of Veneration is the latest web novel with an engaging and intriguing storyline. It shows the struggle of taking your rightful throne and fighting with patriarchy. The story also portrays that in true love age gap does not matter. This concept makes it a target of criticism. Other than that, it is a must-read novel. So, go now and start reading the first chapter of “The Flower Of Veneration.

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