Who Is Spiro Agnews Ghost On Twitter? (Complete Detail)

spiro agnew's ghost

If we talk about spiro Agnews ghost, he is an anonymous user on Twitter who normally gives political comments. Spiro agnew ghost is a social media influencer, which is the main reason; it is shown in his name, so we can also call him an identified ghost. He is very popular on Twitter and Instagram due to his interest in politics and the political comments he gives on and off.

Spiro normally writes on political news and political topics. The most interesting thing is that he is writing about politics anonymously. Now, the question arises who the real Spiro Agnew is? Actually, he is using the identity of the most controversial vice president in American history, and his real name is Spiro Theodore Agnew.

He was a well-known politician famous for criticizing political rivals and the press. Unfortunately, he eventually resigned in disgrace due to some conditions. We will discuss this in detail later in this post, as it is specifically discussed in the following article to inform the readers about Spiro Agnew. However, our main post is to talk about Spiro Agnews Ghost on Twitter. Who he is and what he does on Twitter and Instagram.

Who is spiro Agnews Ghost on Twitter? Spiro Agnews ghost identity

He is a social media influencer who regularly tweets about politics on Twitter. We do not know whether he is a boy or a girl, but he or she stands out on Twitter with more than 142k followers and 270.6k tweets. You will be surprised to know that he only followed 38 accounts and the account name is SpiroAgnewGhost. But his cover photo is of the real Spiro Agnew. Spiro Agnews Ghost joined Twitter in February 2014.

Due to his anonymous Twitter account, people are wondering who is really the mastermind behind this account, but still, they need help finding who is behind it. People worldwide, especially from the United States, are curious about his real identity. Unfortunately, Spiro resigned from his designation himself due to uncertain conditions.

What is the age of Spiro Agnews Ghost?

According to an estimate, Spiro Agnews Ghost is approximately 35 years. However, no one knows his exact age. Due to his political statements on Twitter, his age must be above 30 years from my point of view.

On the other side, if we talk about the real person Spiro Theodore Agnew, he passed away on 17 September 1996, and at the time, his age was 77 years. Spiro, the great politician, was born on 9 November 1918 and died on 17 September 1996.

Different sources have yet to learn who is the real person behind that account and no one could assume his exact age. However, due to his political comments on Twitter, many people think that he must be above 30 years. The real Spiro normally used to celebrate his birthday on 9 November every year with his beloved ones, and he was born in 1918.

Spiro Agnews Ghost Instagram

Along with the Twitter account, Spiro Agnews Ghost also has an Instagram account as @spiroagnewsghost on the Instagram handle. But people need to find out whether the same person running the Instagram account is running the Twitter account.

You will be surprised to know that his Instagram account has only 6 followers, and there are yet to be any posts and followers. If we consider the posts and followers, it might be the same person who is present on Twitter. The followers and posts might differ from the same person; we don’t know the real truth.

Is Spiro Agnew’s Ghost Gregg?

No one knows whether Spiro Agnew’s Ghost is a gregg or not. The person behind Twitter has not revealed his identity publicly. No real person or any other media page shows his bio, so it isn’t easy to assume the possibility of their being a Gregg. In future, if that person will reveal his identity, then we have to consider whether he is a Gregg.

Spiro Agnews Ghost Identity Details on Twitter

We can also call Spiro a social media influencer well-known on Twitter due to his political tweets. Spiro made his Twitter account in February 2014. His profile and cover photos are of the real Spiro Agnew, a president.

On Twitter, 32 people follow him, and he has around 223.5 k followers. So he has a total of 295.2k tweets posted. Many people want to know about this person, but still, he needs to reveal his true identity.

According to Wikipedia, Spiro Theodore Agnew was the vice president of the USA but now the person who is active is another person who is using his name on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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Why is Spiro Agnews Ghost well-known on Twitter?

As I also discussed earlier, Spiro is well known for political tweets on Twitter. He typically criticizes many political issues, and that’s why everyone is curious about his tweets.

Why was real Spiro Agnew removed from office?

Due to maintaining his innocence for months, Agnew did not contest a felony tax evasion charge.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Nixon select Agnew?

Nixon chose Agnew because he is a liked person and was broadly liked and acceptable by the party. But unfortunately, he experienced domestic issues and appealed to Southern voters because of the third-party candidate of former Alabama Governor George Wallace.

Has a Vice President in the USA ever been fired?

This is not the case; the vice president has been impeached in the United States. First, he went through an impeachment inquiry, however, without being formally impeached.

What was the age of the real Spiro Agnew?

Spiro Agnew was 77 years old when he was born in 1918 and died in 1996.

Final Thoughts

In this post, we have discussed Spiro Agnew’s ghost in detail. Actually, he is using the name of the real Spiro Agnew, who was the late president of the USA from 1969 to 1973. He has a Twitter account where he posts many political statements.

Most surprisingly, he was criticized simultaneously due to political statements against Donald Trump and other democrats. Although he did not show his true identity till now, he might get caught one day.

He also emerged on Twitter due to his good fan following as he is always seen active on Twitter. The good thing about this person is that people mostly like his tweets. This individual’s true identity is yet to be revealed, so there is no indication that it will occur soon. Yet, this social media influencer has a very good grasp of politics since he keeps posting tweets on this topic!

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