Baby Princess Through the Status Window–Spoilers (Overview)

baby princess through the status window

If you are a fan of Korean Manhwa, you must be reading the new romantic fantasy novel “Baby through the Statu Window.” I must say that this series is mind-blowing—a light storyline involving royal family politics and a sweet princess with superpowers.

Do you know which superpower she has?

I will tell you about it. This article has many spoilers for “Baby Princess Through the window status.” Keep reading it at your own risk of spoilers.

Summary of The Plot of  Baby Princess Through the Status Window

This manhwa is written by Yuri Som Satang, famous for writing adventurous, fantasy manhwa. The story of “Baby Princess Through the Status Window” revolves around a royal princess whose family executes her. The princess’s name is Siervian. Damian is the princess’s stepbrother. In the first chapter, she is in the past as a 5-year-old girl with all her adult memories.

She was confused and happy at the same time because she got a second chance. The character of the princess is very lovely, calm, and sweet. All the maids are cruel to her except Sherbian. The maid feeds the toxicity in her mind about his father. She always believes her father hates her. In chapter 7 of  Baby Princess Through the Status Window, the princess tells his father that Sara always served her cold and bad-tasting food.

As this story continues, the princess judges every person around her. She is now trying to understand who was responsible for the execution in her previous life. Princess has to act like a 5-year-old girl, although she remembers everything. Princess is living her life again but with open eyes and ears.

What is the Superpower of Siervian?

In her second life in “Baby Princess Through the status window,” she can see a blue window above everyone’s head. This window reveals the moods and thoughts of the person. A power like this is terrifying because you can now see people’s true colors.

Harmin Tea in Baby Princess Through the Status Window

Harmin tea has an important role in Baby Princess through the status window. Carmin, a poisonous herb that can disrupt mana, is used in harmin tea. It was previously stated that if you did not consume Harmin, you would experience Mana Scarcity.

Reason Behind Why Siervian Can’t Use Magic

Siervian(baby princess) could not wield magic in her previous life. She was allergic to hermin tea and was given medications for it. So, she always believed that drug was the reason why she couldn’t use magic.

The reality is the opposite of that. After the allergic reaction, the Emperor started an investigation into harmin tea served to princesses. The emperor ordered a doctor to take care of the princess and investigate tea. Everyone thought someone had added poison to Siervian tea. However, it was revealed that the harmin tea itself has mana-decreasing substances. This is the real reason for Siervian’s inability to wield magic. 

What is Vuingpi Feather?

In this fantasy world, Vuingpi is a bird with beautiful colorful feathers. The specialty of these feathers is they can adapt to cold temperatures. Siervian also wears a dress made of Vuingpi feathers.

How Siervian Came Back In Time?

The Emperor, the father of Siervian, used an ancient magical tool to execute her. He could not save her from execution, so he thought sending her to the past life would be best. This is so messed up, right? Well, royal politics are cruel. He should have saved her rather than sending her to the past.

The Navapal Kingdom

The Navapal Kingdom’s people are powerful individuals who have pursued Siervian since her latter days. After the navapal king was defeated, his crimson body was mixed with Alderuan’s blood. Suddenly he knew they’d need Erveldotte’s blood to access the ancient ruin. This is why Siervian has been targeted in their past and present lives.

Does The Father Love Siervian?

In her previous life, the princess always thinks that her father does not love her. But now she can see people’s emotions through the status window. She seems quite surprised by watching the status window of her father. It clearly shows how much her father loves and adores her. Her father always protected her and was worried about her.

Why does the Empress Hate the Princess?

Siervian’s father was married to the empress because of political pressure. He only loves his ex-wife and never even touches the empress. Damian was born by magic, and Siervian was born biologically. Empress was insecure that Damian could never take the crown.

That’s why shows clear jealousy and envy against the princess.

Pros of Reading Baby Princess Through the Status Window

There are many pros to reading this web series novel. Some of them are the following:

  • “Baby Princess through the Status Window” has 8.9 ratings on “vyvy manga.”
  • Very light and entertaining story.
  • Good messages about people’s true faces.
  • The story also shows that an abusive childhood can affect your life.
  • You will enjoy this if you are a fan of fantasy world stories.

Cons of Reading Baby Princess Through the Status Window

Despite the good story and huge fan following, there are a few cons to reading this manhwa. Some of these are the following:

  • The story has some dark sides.
  • You have to wait to read the climax because this novel is ongoing.

Where Can I Read Baby Princess Through the Status Window?

You can read this novel at different manga sites. I will be mentioning 5 of them.

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Baby Princess Through the Status Window tells the story of a young girl who has been given the power to see into people’s hearts and minds through her status window. She learns about the people around her and discovers that everyone has different stories to tell. The princess grows closer to understanding her identity and life purpose with each discovery.

As she navigates through this journey of self-discovery, readers are taken on an emotional rollercoaster filled with humor, romance, and heartwarming moments. Through its captivating storyline and beautiful art style, Baby Princess Through the Status Window will leave readers with a lasting impression.

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