Pubfilm: Is It Working? 15 Best Alternatives In 2023

Pubfilm Is It Working

Just like many online movie streaming websites, Pubfilm is also extremely popular. Users from all over the world like its endless content. It is possible due to the extensive library that features Indian movies, classic movies, Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies, Tollywood movies, TV shows, and anime series. 

Here, we will talk about the 15 best Pubfilm alternates from which you can choose the one according to your choice if this platform is not available. These websites will also bring you full entertainment directly to your device.

What is PubFilm?

For downloading movies and TV shows, PubFilm is a great site. Its simple layout makes it easy to use for everyone. It is also possible to watch movies online in HD quality. Among the things you’ll find on are new movies, TV shows, and more. The site also offers movies from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. When it comes to downloading movies from this site, everything is free. is a great website for watching free movies, documentaries, and television shows without having to set up an account. In terms of user experience, PubFilm is better than other movie streaming services. The collection includes more than 5000 movies. With video streaming, you get better results and it works faster. Among the films available on PubFilm are festival highlights, historical lectures, sports stories, adventures worldwide, and more.

Is Pubfilm down?

Many people are wondering if Pubfilm is down. Pubfilm is a popular streaming website that allows users to watch movies and television shows for free. Unfortunately, Pubfilm has been experiencing some technical difficulties recently, which has left many users unable to access the website.

Fortunately, tech experts have been working hard to resolve the issue and get the website back up and running. In the meantime, those who are unable to access Pubfilm can try alternative streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, or they can turn to their local library to borrow movies and television shows.

It is unclear when Pubfilm will be back online, but tech experts are hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon. In the meantime, those looking for an alternative streaming service can take advantage of the many other options available.

Several reasons can cause to go down. There may be other websites offering the same content and video quality, such as What are the best alternatives to PubFilm? Here you will find everything you need. The following are some other sites similar to PubFilm.

15 Best Pubfilm Alternates

If your favorite platform Pubfilm is not working, you must try out one of the 15 best Pubfilm alternates. Let’s reveal all the other similar websites to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

1. Popcorn time


Like Pubfilm, Popcorn Time is also a great free movie streaming website. Here you can easily access high-quality motion pictures as well as television shows. You can also download the movies for yourself and can watch them later. 

You have to download and install the software from the Popcorn Time website compared to the other web-based video streaming service. It comes in the category of the best websites. 

However, it requires a reliable internet connection for smooth surfing. You can easily find top movies and TV series on the internet on popcorn time. However, on the other side, you can also search for different TV shows with subtitles. 

2. YesMovies

YesMovies to Watch FREE Movies Online TV shows

Remember that compared to Pubfilm, YesMovies is a different online movie platform. It is a fantastic website for popular Hollywood films and TV shows. This website also has sections for the best movies reviewed on IMDb worldwide. 

Not only movies from Hollywood but also features independently-made movies from countries such as Korea and China. Therefore, you can easily access the latest content here because the platform is regularly updated daily. 

Remember that if you register on YesMovies, you can easily get the notification of the latest and new movies and TV shows. The best thing about this platform is that the movie show you will watch also comes up with other information such as ratings, synopsis, etc.

3. AZ Movies


It is also a popular choice regarding Pubfilm alternates, and the best thing about this platform is that you will not get any annoying advertising on it. So we can say that it is an excellent substitute for Pubfilm. 

Another great thing is that you do not have to register for this website; everyone can take advantage of it freely. This movie streaming site stands out on the internet due to the fantastic video quality and extensive movie collection that is expanding day by day. 

Visit Website:

4. GoMovies

Gomovies online free movies list

GoMovies come up with the latest content, which will help you conclude that it is mostly made for teenagers who want to watch the latest content. Although you might encounter different forms of advertisements, when you select a movie to view on the homepage, it is not as irritating. 

When you click, the film plays uninterrupted without interruptions. The best thing about GoMovies is that the site loads very quickly, and you can easily start watching your favorite show for free. 

Watch Movies:

5. ZMovies

ZMovies Watch HD Movies Online

Everyone knows about ZMovies, as it is a great movie streaming site. The unique thing about ZMovies is that it comes out with the best web design, which is appealing. I also like the color scheme, which gives off a millennial impression. Just like the above movie streaming site, it also loads very quickly and does not have many advertisements. Also, there is no need to create an account; you can access many movie titles on the website. 

6. LosMovies

LosMovies watch free hd hollywood movies online

LosMovies is my favorite movie streaming website and the best Pubfilm alternate. This website is difficult to find on Google, so few people know about it. This is done to prevent the website from copyright problems. As it is an unpopular platform, its traffic is lower than other websites. Like many streaming websites, it also loads quickly and has no advertisements. Also, you do not have to register for this website. 


7. PrimeWire


If you are searching for a particular movie or TV show and cannot find it on another website, then PrimeWire is just made for you. Here, you can find any movie or TV show very easily. It is possible because it comprises an enormous movie library where you can easily search for your favorite video or movie. Remember that you must use a reliable VPN service to use this platform.

Watch Here:

8. Kanopy


Kanopy works differently compared to other services, but it is still the best Pubfilm Alternate. The target audience of this platform is the people who use their film library. Here, you have to create an account and request to rent movies from resource files of the library. It is an ad-free site making the watching experience even better. 

Keep in mind that you cannot keep the content that you have borrowed for a long time. If you loan the movie from Kanopy, you have to return it within 2 to 3 days as it comes up with a deadline of this time duration. It also implies that the copy will be deleted after the deadline, even if you save it on your device.

Watch Here:

9. Hotstar

The best thing about this website is that it is perfect for movie enthusiasts, where you can enjoy your fantastic streaming experience with less traffic. The website owner also updates the content regularly so that you can experience the latest movies and TV shows. If you are more concerned with watching high-quality movie content, then Hotstar is just made for you. It offers all types of content, including the classic and the latest content. The website is also updated regularly. 

Visit and Watch:

10. Vumoo


It comes up with a smaller selection of movies than Pubfilm, but if you want to watch a movie that few people have watched, you have come to the right place. It is a fast-loading website with little buffers and has no ads on the platform. 

However, the main disadvantage of this website is that the titles are not properly structured compared to other free streaming services. Just like many websites, there is no need to establish an account to begin your streaming sessions. Although all the movies are not HD quality, you can still access some movies in HD. 

Watch free movies here:

11. SolarMovie

SolarMovie Watch Movies and TV Shows Online for Free

By looking at the website design, you might wonder whether it is a high-end streaming platform such as Netflix. But you will be surprised that it is a free video streaming platform with HD-quality movies. 

Although you have to go through some advertising, it is bearable if you are watching the movies for free. Here, you also do not have to register on the website; you still have access to HD movies and TV shows. 

Visit the link:

12. Extramovies


It is the perfect and the most reliable alternative to Pubfilm. The website has an appealing design and a huge collection of movies and TV shows. Here, you will find different categories of movies such as Bollywood, animated, anime, Hollywood, audio movies, and much more. You just have to hit the search button and type your title. You can easily get your required movie or show in very less time. It also lets you choose to watch the content in 720P or 1080p.

Click to visit here:

13. JustWatch


Although it has a limited collection of movies compared to Pubfilm, you can get information from blogs, books, and sporting events. The best thing about JustWatch is that you can access the wide collection of movies that are all free. You will like its layout and design, which make finding it easier. 

Here, you can discover your favorite movie and TV show which is very simple and easy. It also stands out online due to its user-friendly interface and easy operation.

Visit the url:

14. Putlocker

Putlocker Watch Movies Series Online Free Putlockers

Another Pubfilm alternative is Putlocker which offers a wide variety of content from your favorite animation movies to action movies. You will like its vast library of movies of every genre. Another feature of this website is that it comes up with the quickest free streaming site on the internet, and as a result, it has a larger user base. 

15. FMovies

Fmovies Watch Free Movies Online

FMovies website has the best web design but only needs a few graphics to make it more attractive. The website’s loading speed is also very fast, and it is simple to navigate. Just like many movie streaming websites, you do not have to go for any kind of registration to begin the streaming. 

Also, you do not have to watch many ads, which makes it stand out even more. You just have to put in your title and can get your content within seconds. You can also approach the latest movies on this website because the site owner updates the movie titles frequently. It is the best platform to approach the latest movies as well as the classic movies.

Watch free here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay a subscription fee for the streaming services in Pubfilm?

Now, you do not have to pay any subscription fee for watching the movie on Pubfilm.

Are the alternatives of Pubfilms giving you high-quality content?

Yes, all the alternatives of Pubfilms come up with high-quality HD content. 

Is there a danger of hacking if I use a free movie streaming service?

Although all the websites are not risky, it is always recommended to use VPN and antivirus while watching movies online for free.

Final Thoughts

Pubfilm is our famous movie streaming website and is also the oldest one. It is also the quickest online streaming site worldwide, with more than eight million monthly visits. Most of the users of this website are from the United States, and it has unique video content. 

It stands out on the market due to its attractive web design and easy operation. It is free to use. I hope you like this post a lot, as it gives you enough information about the best 15 Pubfilm alternates. 

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