Climbing a Tower that Even Regressors Couldn’t Conquer.

Climbing a Tower that Even Regressors Couldn't Conquer

Imagine an ordinary day turning extraordinary when a mysterious tower appears on Earth, changing lives forever. Meet Soohyuk, a regular guy facing unexpected challenges and reflecting on relationships. As he enters the tower, battles goblins, and encounters unique characters, the story unfolds like a rollercoaster of real-life struggles, growth, and surprising connections. 

Read out the manga so that you’ll be able to know how life teaches self-discovery and the strength found in facing life’s unexpected adventures. 

Overview of “Climbing a Tower that Even Regressors Couldn’t Conquer

In “Climbing a Tower that Even Regressors Couldn’t Conquer,” the protagonist, Soohyuk, finds his life taking an unexpected turn when his girlfriend warns him about a tower appearing on Earth. Following three crucial rules, he becomes part of a million-strong group entering the tower, facing ever-changing rules, unfair contracts, and deception.

Equipped with a shabby longsword, Soohyuk navigates the tower, discovering his role as a Challenger and resisting the urge to open a tutorial window. His journey begins with encounters with goblins and an intriguing poison-laden dagger.

As Soohyuk progresses, he reflects on past relationships and regrets, forming unexpected connections with goblin adversaries. The narrative introduces hidden missions, such as the “Harmonizer and Destroyer of Nature,” involving a confrontation with the insect queen on the 13th floor.

The story unfolds with diverse encounters, from facing a goblin king and the formidable Paladin Goblin to the Karaksh encounter on the second floor. Each chapter adds layers to the Tower of Trials, showcasing Soohyuk’s growth, challenges, and the mysterious power of items like the necklace and the Insect Queen’s Core.

Chapters 36-44 bring intense challenges as Soohyuk faces dragons on the 11th floor and battles insects on the 13th floor. With each obstacle, Soohyuk gains unique items, enhances his resistance, and navigates the Tower of Trials alongside his allies, including Hee-Jeong and the goblin companion, Dobby.

 Main Characters of the Story

Here are the main characters of the story and a brief description of their roles:


The protagonist of the story. Soohyuk is an ordinary individual whose life takes an unexpected turn when he enters the mysterious tower. As a climber, he faces various challenges and navigates the complexities of the tower while reflecting on his past and evolving as a character.


 Introduced later in the story, Hee-Jeong becomes a key ally to Soohyuk on the 6th floor of the Tower of Trials. Her role involves collaboration, strategizing, and facing challenges together with Soohyuk. She plays a pivotal role in initiating the story. She provides crucial information about the tower and sets the rules that guide Soohyuk’s actions within the tower.

Dobby (Goblin Companion)

Dobby accompanies Soohyuk, serving as a companion and offering assistance, particularly on the second floor. The goblin’s interactions contribute to the development of the story and provide insights into the dynamics of the tower.

Chapters 1 – 6— Initiation into the Tower of Trial 

First, a message comes saying a million people, including Soohyuk, will enter the tower. If they fail, they lose their territory. The tower’s rules change, allowing unfair contracts and deception.

Soohyuk is chosen as a climber and has to pick a weapon. He loves magic but follows the woman’s advice and chooses a shabby longsword.

He’s told to open a status window for a tutorial, but Soohyuk remembers the rule and doesn’t open it. He becomes a “Challenger” and avoids some problems. Soohyuk enters the tower, thinking it’s just a tutorial. Suddenly, a goblin assassin attacks him with a crossbow. Soohyuk dodges the goblin’s arrow and kills it. He takes the goblin’s dagger, but it has a poison that affects him.  

While hiding, Soohyuk encounters a young goblin. He questions why the young goblin is in the tower, and the young goblin pleads for mercy, apologizing and asking to live. He reflects on feeling weak and regrets not attacking the goblin earlier. He notices there are only 10 hours and 10 minutes left to complete his mission.

Soohyuk ties the young goblin’s hands and notices a shiny necklace. The goblin values it, but Soohyuk insists on taking it, calling it a “life tax.” The goblin protests, fearing consequences. Soohyuk warns, but the goblin won’t remove it, thinking it’s a joke. They continue, the necklace holding a mysterious secret.

Chapters 4 & 5 —The Battle with the Paladin Goblin
Soohyuk faces a tough choice, opting to enter the boss room with ten formidable goblins, including a powerful goblin paladin. Feeling worried, he fights with determination and kills all but the goblin king, a paladin. The king praises Soohyuk’s skill but declares his impending death. 

The battle begins, and during the fight, Soohyuk’s sword breaks, alarming a little goblin. The situation intensifies as Soohyuk confronts the formidable goblin king, raising the stakes in this challenging encounter within the tower.

Soohyuk continues his fight with a dagger after his sword breaks. The second round begins, and despite serious injuries, Soohyuk attempts to kill the goblin king. However, a timer indicates 6 hours and 26 minutes left to destroy all enemies. 

A little goblin offers to heal Soohyuk’s wounds, revealing its ability. Soohyuk questions if any goblins survived, and the little goblin assures him it’s not an enemy. Soohyuk contemplates a strange necklace on the goblin, realizing it might not belong to the tower. After convincing the goblins, Soohyuk breaks the necklace, asking if the little goblin is okay.

Chapters 7 to 10—The Karaksh Encounter on the Second Floor

In Chapters 7 and 8, Soohyuk faces challenges on the second floor. A girl unexpectedly appears during a crucial moment, sharing her concern for his well-being. They exchange words about past relationships. 

On the other side, A big monster appears, threatening to kill Soohyuk. The goblin companion, Dobby, assists him in navigating a dangerous path. Soohyuk encounters an ORC warrior named Karaksh, wielding a powerful Thunder Mace. The battle unfolds, revealing Karaksh’s strength and speed. Soohyuk strategizes, using his goblin companions for distraction and blocking attacks. 

The battle intensifies, and Soohyuk faces the dilemma of defeating a formidable opponent. Despite pain and challenges, he employs tactics, hoping to overcome Karaksh’s powerful attacks and unique patterns. However, he kills him and wins a weapon that is old but a masterpiece. 

Further, in chapter 9, he enters the boss room where the goblins are standing with their swords; they kill their boss, so Soohyuk doesn’t need to defeat them because he defeats Karaksh, and ultimately his second round ends. 

In chap 10, he completes the “Optional hidden mission ORC liberator”, where he gets a beautiful necklace of unknown power.

Chapters 11 to 13— Tower Progress and Achievement Points

In Chapter 11, Soohyuk receives a message from Hee-Jeong asking about his progress on the third floor. They discuss the challenges of the second round, with Hee-Jeong revealing she gave up in the boss room. Soohyuk is surprised that even a skilled player like Hee-Jeong struggled. He considers himself lucky for finding a hidden piece.

Curious about their achievement points, Soohyuk learns Hee-Jeong has 7400 points, while he boasts an impressive 43000+. He then shares the news that the store will open on the fourth floor, and he successfully conquers this stage.

In Chapter 13, Soohyuk finally meets Hee-Jeong on the 6th floor of the Tower of Trials. The hidden name of the god sponsoring Soohyuk is revealed as Leefu, the God of Thunder and the master of adaptability. Soohyuk is surprised to see the little goblin, Dobby, also reaching the 6th floor.

As they gather, introducing themselves, a chaotic situation ensues when Hee-Jeong and Chloe, another participant, create confusion. Suddenly, zombies appear, prompting Hee-Jeong to call everyone to battle positions. The chapter ends with the promise of collaboration, with new allies joining forces to navigate the challenges of the Tower of Trials.

Chapters 30 to 36 — Challenges 9th and 10th Floor

In these chapters, Soohyuk and his climber team face various trials in the Tower of Trials. First, they combat a horde of dogs on the 9th floor, and Hee-Jeong’s fire magic proves effective. In the following chapter, secret doors are discovered everywhere, leading to a room where a battle ensues with a giant two-faced dog and another enemy. Soohyuk skillfully uses his axe weapon and is rewarded with Sky Agility Shoes.

Having conquered the 9th floor, they now find themselves on the 10th floor, known as Kasalum’s Labyrinth. This floor consists of a shelter divided into four sectors: dining, general store room, lodging, and a weapon shop. Dining and lodging services are free for the climbers. Due to Soohyuk’s top rank, many climbers seek interviews, and girls ask for numbers.

During lunch, third-ranked climber Braham joins them. He proposes the collection of climbers’ wills, with the intention of delivering them to the families of the deceased. Some climbers express concern about the number of potential deaths, but Braham emphasizes the importance of keeping the wills short. Climbers who leave the tower will be responsible for delivering the wills, and automatic note-taking notebooks are available for the organization.

Handlake volunteers to take care of the records, updating them on the community chat. It becomes an ongoing project to remember and honor those who have passed.

Braham plans to discuss armor with Soohyuk, but there’s playful banter about relationships. Soohyuk declines, mentioning an important discussion with childhood friend Hee-Jeong. After some humorous moments, all the climbers decide to have a drink.

An armor store appears, and they explore the available gear. Soohyuk finds a unique gauntlet with a rich backstory, and Hee-Jeong suggests buying it. However, lacking achievement points, they consider transferring them.

Chapter 36-44 — Confronting Dragons and Battling Insects in Drina River

In these chapters, Soohyuk faces new challenges in the Tower of Trials. On the 11th floor, he chooses the black door, encountering the dragon Herkeseth. Another dragon, Sarkage, also makes an appearance, presenting formidable obstacles.

Moving to the 13th floor, known as the “Floor of Insects,” climbers are required to pair up. Soohyuk selects Hee-Jeong as his partner. The insects on this floor exhibit changing behavior, alternating between aggressive and neutral every 30 minutes. Climbers must hide in special pots during the aggressive phase to avoid insect attacks.

Two types of insects, Flame and Ice, populate the floor. Hee-Jeong reveals the goal: defeating the queen insect. The climbers successfully kill an insect holding a key to the queen’s room, initiating the hidden mission, “Harmonizer and Destroyer of Nature.”

In this mission, they confront and defeat the queen, obtaining the coveted Insect Queen’s Core. Soohyuk consumes the cores together(flame’s queen core and Ice queen’s core, enhancing his resistance against poison.

The narrative then transitions to the 14th floor, starting the “Drina River Defense Battle.” The battle unfolds, and Soohyuk faces new challenges as they continue their ascent in the Tower of Trials.

The Lesson of the Story

The manga teaches us that challenges and unexpected changes are a part of life. Soohyuk, the main character, faces difficulties in the tower, reflecting our real-life struggles. It emphasizes the importance of adapting to new situations and making choices, even when things seem tough. 

Soohyuk’s journey teaches us about resilience, self-discovery, and the significance of relationships. The story encourages us to face our fears, learn from our mistakes, and appreciate the connections we make along the way. Ultimately, it shows that growth comes from navigating challenges with courage and embracing the opportunities for personal development.

As the story unfolds, more chapters are still being published, keeping us on the edge of our seats to see what’s next for Soohyuk. Will he successfully reach the top of the Tower of Trials? The journey is full of surprises, challenges, and new allies, mirroring the unpredictability of life. 

Soohyuk’s resilience and growth offer a relatable tale of overcoming obstacles. With each chapter, we eagerly anticipate the twists and turns that await, cheering for Soohyuk’s success in this captivating adventure that mirrors the uncertainties and triumphs of our own unique stories.

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