Into The Light Once Again – Chapter 31 Spoilers

Into The Light Once Again

Are you into comics with revengeful storylines? If yes, then you must try “Into The Light Once Again.” It’s getting popular in the comic world due to the emotional element of the story.

The manhwa is all about a girl betrayed by her family and reincarnated as a baby with a vengeance in her heart. This fantasy-based manhwa will make you cry by showing you the injustice that happened to the protagonist in her previous life. 

In this blog, you will learn everything about “Into The Light Once Again”, including the overall review and chapter 31 spoilers.

Overview of Into The Light Once Again

Overview of Into The Light Once Again

“Into The Light, Once Again” is an ongoing webtoon by Tikatika Yuya (유야 티카티카) that’s making its spot with its mix of drama, fantasy, and romance. As of December 14, 2023, it has 32.3 million views. It has 77 chapters that are full of interesting turns and suspense.

The story, available in Japanese and Korean, revolves around characters rediscovering themselves as they step back into the light. The title hints at a theme of renewal and rebirth, promising a narrative with many twists. 

Synopsis of Into The Light Once Again

Synopsis of Into The Light Once Again

Edenbell’s Fourth Princess was accused of harming her saintly younger sister. No one believed her, not even family. At 14, she was beheaded in the winter season. But after death, she woke up to a surprising scene—someone caring is holding her. He sang her lullaby and touched her small fingers. It’s a chance for the princess to have a new life away from the accusations.

Characters of Into The Light Once Again

Before reading “Into The Light Once Again,” you must understand the main characters of Edenbell and Elmir Empire. Here is a basic introduction about them:

Edenbell Empire:

  • Alyssa: Fourth princess, dark green eyes, black hair like crows.
  • Marriage: Fifth princess, golden hair, a person who looks innocent but has evil intentions.
  • Adelina del: Third princess, beautiful purple hair, holding a fan, light green eyes.
  • Lakias del: First prince, black hair, handsome, blue eyes.
  • Elsis del: Second prince, light green hair and eyes, sharp features.
  • Lilus del: Sixth prince, green eyes, brown hair, angry yet cute face.
  • Eulys del: Emperor, black hair, green eyes.
  • Rebecca: Servant of the fourth princess’ palace, who gave false statements about Alyssa.

Elmir Empire:

  • Aisha: First princess of the Elmir Empire, the rival of the Edenbell Empire.
  • Isis de Elmir: Crown prince, golden hair a loving brother to Aisha.
  • Tyrion: Emperor of the Elmir Empire, a war hero known for creating a route, “the path of glory.”
  • Iris: Empress of Elmir Empire and mother of Aisha.

The Storyline of Manhwa

The main story of “Into The Light Once Again” is about family love, betrayal, and revenge. Let’s discuss the plot of this manhwa to understand its narrative:

Alyssa With Siblings

Our protagonist, Alyssa, loved her family a lot in her previous life. She had three brothers and two sisters. Marriage is the half-sibling who is everyone’s favourite; people worship her. On the other hand, Alyssa is portrayed as an unattractive girl, and the empire citizens mock her by calling her “crow.” However, Princess Alyssa never minds about such a thing and loves her younger sister with everything she has. She spent much time with Marriane, and her sister loved her back. 

Poisoning Marriane

One day, Alyssa invites Marriane to have tea with her, and after drinking the tea, the fifth princess gets sick. This incident was the turning point of her life, and everyone doubted her intentions regarding Marriane. She was imprisoned in a dark room for several days without decent food. 

Imprisonment And Death

After a tough time in this prison, she was summoned to the king’s court. She begged for her life and asked her siblings to believe her, but they all were cold-blooded. The elder brother slapped her in the face. Four days later, the guards scorched her eyes with a hot blade and beheaded her. Before dying, she prayed to the Goddess of Revenge and moon Selena to reborn her so that she could avenge herself.

Reincarnation– The Begining of Revenge

Alyssa opens her eyes as a baby named Aisha in the Elmir empire. Everyone loves her, especially her elder brother, Isis de Elmir. He loves her purely and talks to her daily about how adorable she is. The mother also sang her lullaby every night before sleeping. His father, the emperor, also adores her. 

She feels irritated with all of the love and attention she receives because her previous family never loved her. In her memories, Marriane came to her before the punishment and showed her evil side, which was a huge shock for our protagonist. The fire to take revenge increases as time passes. If you want to know more, you should start reading this manhwa; otherwise, everything will be spoiled.

Into The Light Once Again–Chapter 31

Chapters 30 and 31 of “Into The Light Once Again” are dedicated to the crown prince’s backstory before Aisha’s birth. After the death of the first empress of Elmir, Prince Isis was upset, and his grandfather continuously taught him to become the crown prince. He missed her mother and blamed himself for her death. Days later, his father marries another pretty woman, Empress Iris, who is extremely kind and treats him like his own son. But he always avoids and behaves rudely with her.

One day he overheard the conversation between the emperor and her wife about her pregnancy. Prince felt insecure that this palace would not be the same again after the birth of his half-sibling. He ran outside the palace, and Empress Iris followed him, but he fell to the ground and injured himself. 

When the Empress tried to calm and scold him for his careless behaviour, the Prince felt a sense of motherhood in her eyes. She tears a fabric from her clothes and bandages his knees. This chapter shows the bond between Iris and the crown prince

The Magical Power of Protagonist

Reading a tragic story about a comic character puts stress on our minds. But Tikatika Yuya is surely a wise author who took care of this problem. He has given an element of magic in the story. Our protagonist, Aisha, has the power to talk with the creatures no one can see. She sees some stars-like things around her. Another ability of the main character is her memories. It’s like a mature adult trapped in an infant’s body. 

Review of “Into The Light Once Again”

If you are still unsure whether to read “Into The Light Once Again”, here is a detailed review of this famous manhwa:

Captivating Storyline:

“Into The Light Once Again” is an engaging story centred around family love and revenge, creating a fantasy world that connects with readers.

Art and Visuals:

The manhwa’s beautiful pastel-coloured art also enhanced the overall reading experience. You will witness many attractive sceneries with magical creatures.

High Ratings:

It is consistently rated over 4 stars on various websites. Every platform has thousands of viewers reading this manhwa.

Positive Fan Response:

Fans love the manhwa for its blend of fantasy elements and strong emotional themes. It’s a favourite among readers who appreciate a well-crafted story.

Character Development:

In this series, you will see surprising character development. For example, Alyssa was once the most caring sibling, but now she wants to take revenge.

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Final Thoughts:

“Into The Light Once Again” portrayed a second chance at life to prove yourself. The author of manhwa mainly targeted the audience with an interest in family love. Its theme and plot are quite common in the comic world. However, the author wrote it in a way that makes it different from other similar manhwa. So, stop wasting your time and enjoy the comic on the Manganelo website.

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