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Do you know about the new popular manhwa everyone is reading nowadays? If not, then you are missing out a lot. Well, don’t worry because “That Which Flows By” is still an ongoing webtoon. So, you can start reading it anytime you want.

This story is about a girl named Dani, who is Jurchen and brews tea in the house of Hanyang. The house owner is Seo Gyeol, who is cursed and can only drink strong tea instead of water. Besides that, you will find many political and survival tactics in this manhwa.

In this article, we will give you a brief spoiler of “That Which Flows By” with the introduction of its characters, synopsis, and readers’ reviews. Keep reading it for an exciting experience!

Overview Of That Which Flows By

Overview Of That Which Flows By

“That Which Flows By” is a Korean comic originally based on a web novel by Eunbi Lee and illustrated by Irang. Its alternative name is “Dabi, flowing dizzyingly.” The manhwa was released in Korean on “Naver Webtoon.”  It is a project of Soft Cone.

The success of this manhwa has forced translators to upload it on different websites in English. Luckily, 27 episodes are available in the translated version, although this manhwa has 40 episodes. If we talk about the genre of the story, we cannot categorize it into one–it is a blend of historical, drama, romance, and fantasy genres. The new episodes are released every Friday on Webtoon, and after this, other manga reading platforms copy it on their sites.

The Synopsis Of That Which Flows By

The Synopsis Of That Which Flows By

In this story, you will meet Dani, a young Jurchen girl saved by General Gyeol Seo during a bandit attack. Now, she finds herself serving tea in his house in Hanyang. However, there’s a twist—she must conceal her identity and pose as someone from Joseon. Why? Rumors circulate that the general ruthlessly targets Jurchen people, no matter their age or gender.

Meanwhile, General Gyeol Seo has his challenges, haunted by a tragic incident from his youth and surrounded by enemies seeking his life. Can Dani and Gyeol Seo overcome these obstacles and be victorious in adversity? 

Important Characters Of That Which Flows By

When following a series or novel, the most essential thing is understanding the characters. Here are some of the roles that hold importance in this series:


Dani, or Daniola, is a Jurchen girl who owns a tea shop in Chiwon and has many secrets. She will brew tea in the house of Hanyang.

Gyeol Seo

Gyeol is a General who is defending the north against barbarians. When he was a child, her father committed a crime, and he paid for his mistakes.

Seon Lee 

Seon Lee is a king of Joseon, an old Korean dynasty. He is an honest king with respect for his loyal soldiers.

Major Spoilers of The Series

If you want to read “Dabi, flowing dizzyingly” but want a little heads up, here are some spoilers for you:

That Which Flows By Episode 1

The famous manhwa starts with the entry of King Seon Lee, who ordered his soldiers to bring General Gyeol Seo back to Hanyang. All his court members are against this decision and tell the king, “Why would you have a ruffian like him in court? He is a man who lacks compassion and manners.” Seon Lee gets angry and bangs at the table by saying that Gyeol left the home at a young age for a crime he did not commit. The king wants to reward him for his loyalty.

In the next section of this chapter, the character of Dani is introduced. Two people are walking in snowy mountains, and one is a local. He brings the foreigner into the “Qin Tea Shop.” The owner of this shop is a beautiful girl, Dani, who is fluent in Korean and many other languages. 

This episode has a scene where Dani scares a kid with a story of “the ghost of the north.” There are rumors about a person protecting the borders of Josean and killing every foreigner. In the end, Dani remembers his grandfather, who died two years ago. She prays for a peaceful life.

That Which Flows By Episode 2

This episode takes an interesting turn in Dani’s life. Some soldiers attack her shop, and she tries to stay hidden from them, but the whole shop is on fire. Dani seems scared in this scene because she does not want to face the ghost of the North. At last, she gets trapped in the shop because it’s on fire. 

General Gyeol saves her and asks about her identity. She lies about herself and pretends to be from Josean. The General spares her life and takes her with him.

That Which Flows By Episode 10

This chapter is also important because it shows the tea room in the house of Gyeol. A new character, a housemaid and senior Dabi of Gyeol is introduced. Daniola must learn all the advanced tricks to make the perfect tea for a master. 

Master Gyeols wants all the Dabi to wash their hands in a certain way, removing all the smell. Daniola feels strange about this method of handwash because her hands become numb. After that, she serves tea to his master and asks about the taste. He replies rudely and tells her he does not care about the taste and aroma. 

At the end of this episode, Dani talks to her grandfather in her imagination and misses her mother. She decides to make the best tea for Master Gyeol so that one day, he will compliment her tea brewing skills.

That Which Flows By Episode 11

It is one of the most romantic episodes of That, which flows by. In the first section, Gyeol is taking a bath wearing a thin bathrobe, and Dani comes to the bathing area with tea in her hands. She feels attracted to him and gets nervous. When Dani gets close to him for serving tea, she observes the scars on Gyeol’s body, making her pity him.

The protagonist asks him about the scars– he gets angry and spills tea on her dress. However, he also feels soft for her at the back of his mind. Gyeol thinks she can see through his scars; something different about her irritates him.

That Which Flows By Episode 13

In chapter 13, some enemies attack Gyeol’s house, and one assassin holds a knife at Dabi’s neck. Gyeol tries to distract him by saying he doesn’t care about her. After listening to this, Dabi gets upset and fights for her life by stabbing a silver dagger into the assassin’s leg and running for her life. 

He attacks Dani from the back, but Gyeol comes to her rescue, and the knife gets stabbed into Seo’s shoulder. Master scolds Daniola for her foolish act and does not ask about her injury, which upsets her. It is the episode when Dani realizes her feelings for General Gyeol.  

What Is The Ending Of “That Which Flows By”?

The real ending of this manhwa is still a mystery for us because the English version is incomplete. However, the last uploaded episode is 27. So, let’s discuss about it.

Well, I won’t tell you the important things about the storyline of this episode because it will kill all of your suspense. But one of the most important scenes I can’t stop sharing is when Gyeol and Dani are in the market. 

One lady is selling some accessories for women, which are costly. Dani likes one of the hairpins, but she can’t afford it. Gyeol Seo buys one for her and clips it on her hair. The shopkeeper seems surprised and starts to tell this incident to everyone.

Review–That Which Flows By

The manhwa is popular worldwide for many reasons. Some of them are the following:

Historical Touch

“That Which Flows By” gains fame for its attention to historical detail. You will find many realistic references to Korean history and culture.

Real Romance:

People love “That Which Flows By” because it tells a beautiful love story set in historical times. The writer has presented romantic parts so well that it touches everyone’s feelings.

Webtoons Sensation:

It has 2.9 million readers on Webtoons. Besides this website, the manhwa has more than 4-star ratings on every famous platform, including Harimanga, Kunmanga, and many more.

Engaging Writing Style:

The writing style is a key factor in its success. The narrative is emotionally explained, keeping readers hooked with every chapter.

When Will “That Which Flows By” Season 2 Come?

Season 1 of “That Which Flows By” in Korean ended long ago, and fans are desperately waiting for season 2. Unfortunately, the creators of Soft Cone haven’t announced an official date for it. 

Typically, the general expectation for the release of each manga season is at least one to two years. So, you must wait till June 2024 because the Korean manhwa was released in June 2022. However, its English version was uploaded in June 2023. The creators may be waiting for the translated version to end before the launch of season 2.

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Final Thoughts:

Finding a story to read with a unique concept is challenging. “That Which Flows By” is a manhwa that will satisfy your craving for high-quality content. It has positive reviews; fans love it in Korea and the US. So, if you are into historical manhwa, you must give it a read.

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